• ALERT: Biden on Track To Surpass Trump in COVID Deaths by Year's End -

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    The Washington Free Beacon doesn't always make political projections, but
    when we do, we prefer to be bold. We believe that by the end of the year, President Joe Biden will achieve a historically gruesome milestone by
    presiding over more American deaths from COVID-19 than his predecessor,
    Donald Trump.

    According to the scientific experts and reliable data nerds at Johns Hopkins and the New York Times, Biden trails Trump by just 25,386 deaths as of Dec.
    7. Despite the president's pledge to "shut down the virus, not the country," Americans are still dying from COVID-19 at a rate of about 1,300 per day. The economy, meanwhile, continues to flounder under Democratic control.


    Based on Biden's daily death rate of 1,300, a sophisticated data
    extrapolation suggests the president will surpass Trump's COVID-19 body count on Dec. 27. Biden's broken promise is yet another example of his failed leadership. According to Biden's own logic, he has "disqualified" himself
    from serving as president.

    During his final presidential debate against Trump in 2020, then-candidate Biden argued that any leader who presided over 220,000 deaths from COVID-19 "should not remain as president of the United States of America." Perhaps an enterprising professional journalist will ask Biden to explain why he should remain in office as his body count surges past 400,000 and into the record books. That probably won't happen, but the historic death count should make
    for an interesting State of the Union address early next year.


    We at the Free Beacon are literally shaking right now. Instead of fulfilling his pledge to "shut down the virus," Biden looked on as his COVID-19 body
    count surpassed the total number of U.S. combat deaths (344,959) in World
    Wars I and II. Meanwhile, the president and his Democratic allies continue to recklessly reject science by violating indoor mask mandates to party with billionaires and celebrities.


    "Two-hundred twenty-thousand Americans dead. Anyone who's responsible
    for that many deaths should not remain as president of the United
    States of America. "
    -- Joe Biden

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