• Minnesota releases latest data about how many vaccinated people have di

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    In an effort to be more transparent, the Minnesota Department of
    Health on Friday released new data for how many vaccinated
    Minnesotans have been hospitalized and died from COVID-19.

    "We've been accused of not being transparent and somehow
    withholding information. Our goal is to be transparent and
    that's why we are making these data available," said Kris
    Ehresmann, MDH infectious diseases director.

    There is a lag time in the data, but through Oct. 3, 2021 the
    health department has confirmed 64,844 breakthrough infections,
    2,956 hospitalizations and 483 deaths.

    The 483 deaths of vaccinated people represent 5% of the 8,996
    COVID-19 deaths in Minnesota since the beginning of the
    pandemic, and 11.1% of the 4,338 COVID deaths since the first
    Minnesotan was vaccinated in mid-December.

    However, there has been a recent rise in deaths among the
    vaccinated, who made up 41% of the deaths between Sept. 5 and
    Oct. 9, and around 30% of the hospitalizations. It was always
    going to be the case statistically that the number of
    breakthrough COVID deaths would rise the greater the proportion
    of Minnesotans got vaccinated, but there have been some concerns
    that those who got their vaccines early on may be experiencing
    waning immunity, leading to calls for them to get booster shots.

    https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/minnesota-releases- data-about-how-many-vaccinated-people-have-died-from-covid-19

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