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    On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Where exactly does President Trump stand
    on DACA and the wall today? You simply cannot grant amnesty to illegal immigrants before addressing border security. There are consequences
    that the president, his staff, and the Republicans are not considering
    but Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are well aware of. This is how they
    will take down red states and how they will win future elections. Also, Republican presidents in the past have buckled to Democrat immigrations
    plans repeatedly for the last 30 years. Trump had two choices either go
    with the Ronald Reagan model or the Richard Nixon model. Trump is now
    going with the Nixon model and some are trying to pull him back. Others
    project and put blame onto people such as other Republicans. What
    happened to Harry Truman’s, “the buck stops here”? After that, in 1987
    Bernie Sanders said that single payer under Medicaid program would
    bankrupt the nation. Canadian healthcare is lousy which is why tens of thousands of people come to the US from Canada for it. Later, North
    Korea fired an intermediate range ballistic missile over Japan which
    landed in the Pacific Ocean. Nuclear weapons in South Korea should be redeployed and deployed in Japan to encircle China and North Korea.
    Also, we need to put the squeeze on the Chinese economy. We have known
    since 1991 that diplomacy does not work with North Korea. In addition,
    Trump needs to increase defense spending immediately and should make
    his case to the American people so we can protect ourselves.

    Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd
    have to audit liberals & wire tap reporters' phones.

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    On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump is trying to bring
    down the cost and increase the options for the individual in this
    country regarding healthcare. Trump is doing what he can from the
    executive branch and the Obamacare statutes give him the leeway to
    do so. It is precious to hear Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer attack
    Trump for not going through Congress, yet they were the ones that
    passed the statute allowing Trump to make the changes he did on
    Thursday. The problem with healthcare is government’s iron fist and
    the politicization of it by the left. What Trump is doing is a good
    tiny first step and one of the few steps the President can take
    unilaterally. However, the left is so obsessed with Obamacare that
    even small steps to give individuals relief from the burdens of
    Obamacare are opposed. After that, it looks like Trump will
    decertify the Iran Deal. The next step is to kill the deal, but the
    left does not want the President to take the next step to drop the
    deal. They are trying to make it sound like it will result in a
    catastrophe and that Trump is reckless. Trump is in no way putting
    America at a greater conceivable risk by pulling out of the Iran
    Deal. Also, the Harvey Weinstein scandal has helped bring to light
    to the cultural rot in Hollywood. It’s bigger than Weinstein and
    there has been a massive conspiracy of silence and cover-up.
    Weinstein and others in Hollywood are not just creating
    inappropriate or immoral behavior, it could easily be criminal
    behavior. Hollywood is an industry like anything else (coal,
    football, cell phones, etc.) And because the industry has been
    perpetuating real, legitimate criminal conduct, there should be an
    FBI unit created, at least temporarily, to investigate the
    activities taking place in Hollywood.

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    On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Does anyone understand the Biden Administration’s position on mask-wearing and vaccines? The CDC refuses
    to release any data on how they get to their guidance. If vaccinated
    people have to wear a mask just like those that aren’t, they have lost
    that as an incentive. This will only discourage people from getting
    vaccinated. Biden’s $100 bribe to get vaccinated might appeal to some,
    but it doesn’t change the open border allowing people into the country
    with limited or non-existent testing and vaccinations. These arguments
    aren’t based on data or logic and the American public expects and
    deserves better. Then, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and 17
    other Republicans sold out on “infrastructure.” Biden claims that this
    bill will tackle climate change and racism through increased spending.
    Later, social movement theory is widely taught in colleges and
    universities as is oppositional protesting. It is critical that
    Americans understand what the challenge is, how it is shrouded and how
    to defeat it. Finally, China is meeting with the Taliban while Biden’s
    proposed defense budget calls for a increase in the Department of
    Defense’s civilian workforce while reducing the number of active-duty
    troops. The damage Biden is doing to America, foreign and domestic, is unimaginable.

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    On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, When it comes to vaccines, this program
    urges you to speak with your doctor about your health and follow the appropriate guidance. Yet, in a frightening speech, President Biden is
    calling for vaccine mandates on private companies with more than 100
    employees. Something Biden didn’t say was how he was going to prevent
    the virus from coming in on unvetted migrants at the border. He also
    didn’t mention how many of the unvaccinated have natural immunity. Why
    is that? Then, the Supreme Court’s 1904 Jacobson v. Massachusetts
    decision called for fines to be levied on the unvaccinated. Jacobson
    was a pastor that was vaccinated in Sweden as a child and refused the vaccination so he was fined and fought back. Jacobson argued that the government was forcing himself to accept illness into his otherwise
    healthy body was a violation of his 14th amendment rights and limited
    his liberty and the Supreme Court struck it down creating the
    “reasonableness test” for the government taking away one’s liberty. In
    1922 the Court heard the Zuck case and rejected that case as well. In
    1927 the Supreme Court used these precedents in the Bell case that
    upheld forced sterilization on people deemed less viable.

    When the Supreme Court Ruled a Vaccine Could Be Mandatory https://www.history.com/news/smallpox-vaccine-supreme-court

    Fox News
    CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo avoid documents suggesting Fauci lied to Congress about NIH funding Wuhan lab research

    Estimated COVID-19 Infections, Symptomatic Illnesses, Hospitalizations, and Deaths in the United States

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