• Biden Owes His 'Popularity' to Trump's Success With COVID. Here's Why.

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    Joe Biden canít always speak in full, coherent sentences. He has
    trouble with stairs. Half the time, Iím not sure if he knows what
    office he holds, yet, he has a 53.4% average approval rating, according
    to RealClearPolitics.

    According to CNN, this makes Bumbliní Biden ďpopularĒ and CNNís
    analysts think theyíve cracked the code on why: ďHeís addressing the
    issues Americans care about, while his weaker issues are those that
    most Americans donít seem as worried about.Ē

    His strongest ratings just happen to be regarding COVID-19. Now, why
    would Joe Biden be ranking highly on COVID-19? What exactly has he
    done? CNN cited the COVID-19 relief package he signed into law earlier
    this month. You know, the package that was being debated before he even
    took office, that Nancy Pelosi delayed moving on until after Trump was
    out of office. Yeah, _that_ COVID package.

    According to a recent CNN poll, 61 percent of Americans approved of the
    relief package.

    But thereís another factor.

    Bidenís positive rating on handling the coronavirus is at 72%
    in the ABC News/Ipsos poll. Thatís the highest itís ever been
    in that survey. The same respondents give him a 75% approval
    on distributing coronavirus vaccines specifically.

    Isnít that interesting? Biden has a whopping 75% approval for COVID
    vaccine distribution. It just so happens thatís the very thing the
    Biden administration has been lying about repeatedly by claiming the
    Trump administration hadnít given them a vaccine distribution plan and
    saying they had to start from scratch.

    Not only did Dr. Fauci dismiss that claim, but, according to Dr. Moncef
    Slaoui, the former head of Operation Warp Speed, the Biden
    administration is still using the same vaccine distribution model
    developed by Operation Warp Speed under President Trump. Joe Bidenís
    Department of Defense also doesnít dispute that the distribution plan
    is the same as it was under Trump.

    Perhaps the only thing Biden can even claim sole ownership of with
    regard to vaccine distribution was his plan to prioritize terrorists at Guantanamo Bay prison over American citizens. Something tells me most
    Americans donít know much about that one.

    COVID vaccine distribution has followed the same trajectory
    under Biden that it was under Trump.

    ó Matt Margolis (Gab/MeWe/Heroes: @MattMargolis)
    (@mattmargolis) March 29, 2021

    So, when CNN claims Bidenís ďsecret to successĒ is that heís addressing
    issues that Americans care about, what they really mean is that heís
    taking credit for Trumpís success against COVID. Without Trumpís
    Operation Warp Speed, thereíd be no vaccines yet and no distribution
    plan for Biden to falsely claim as his own.

    Trump won.

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