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    There was a report from Bloomberg of "audible gasps on the Senate
    floor" as John McCain voted NO on the Obama Care skinny repeal bill.
    Gasps, really? I would've gasped had he done anything different.
    McCain was simply, predictably, being McCain. This is the same
    McCain who continually tries to sabotage Donald Trump. This is the
    same McCain he's been for at least 25 years.

    Consider a little history for context sake:

    The Arizona Senator and I first crossed paths during the 1992
    Campaign between incumbent George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. McCain
    was emerging as a media darling during this time, putting his days
    in the Keating Five Savings and Loan Scandal behind him. The Keating
    Five? Oh, McCain and four Democrats, of course. Some things never
    change. Certainly not McCain.

    Meanwhile, Clinton's team of James Carville and George
    Stephanopoulos had put North Carolina squarely in the cross hairs as
    a must-win state in 92, and a series of odd events had landed me as Communications Director of NC Bush Quayle. Thus, as a small
    government pro-liberty Reagan conservative, I was in the service of
    a mushy moderate President who was determined to distance himself
    from Reagan, along with his rhetorically challenged VP. It was a
    root canal experience, let me tell you.

    Team Bush was struggling because they couldn't, or wouldn't, run
    clearly to the right of Clinton and expose the differences. When
    Ross Perot entered the race, he further muddied the waters because
    his agenda agreed with the conservative agenda about 75% of the
    time, yet he clearly despised Bush more than he wanted to defeat
    Clinton. Whatever Perot's motivations were, the result was that the
    92 election was an ideological mess, and Bush was not a man who even
    understood that, let alone overcame it.

    To make things worse, enter John McCain, who was riding his war hero
    story, and a questionable passion for the pro-life position, into
    stardom on the right during this time. A big part of McCain's self-
    serving strategy was to ingratiate himself to the liberal media by
    trashing other Republicans, which he did often. So, paradoxically,
    he gained credibility on the right, by trashing the right, because
    he became the only man (ostensibly) on the right that the media
    liked, and we were desperate on the right to be liked by anyone in
    the media. Consider: talk radio was new and small, CNN was the only
    cable channel, and Andrew Breitbart was just starting to emerge from
    his "hippy dippy" liberal youth (his words).

    The Mainstream Media still ruled the roost, and McCain's message to
    them was that Bush "must stop being so extreme," as in so extremely conservative. The exact opposite was true. Bush wasn't nearly
    conservative enough, nor capable of articulating those views on
    which he was conservative. Clearly McCain knew this, wanted Bush to
    lose, and to climb the ladder in the vacuum a Bush loss would
    create. And the media was all too happy to help. I was forced to
    try and use whatever media influence in North Carolina I could
    muster to overcome McCain's message, which is why I remember it like

    And yes, I fully understand that now, everybody on the planet is
    onto McCain's schtick. Most of that didn't really happen until at
    least 2000, and into 2008 and beyond. In ‘92 however, I was on a
    lonely planet. I even got into a heated dispute with the host on the
    G. Gordon Liddy Radio Show in early 1993 about this. Gordon was
    still drinking the McCain Kool Aid, as were all of his listeners.

    Now back to the future: everyone knows what's in the Kool Aid now.

    So here we are, with McCain shaking off the effects of cancer to
    cast a vote that ensures we probably won’t get the same treatment he
    did. The John McCain who sabotaged the so called 'skinny repeal'
    vote over Obama Care, and who fought openly with Donald Trump months
    ago, is exactly the same John McCain he has always been. He not only
    trashes conservatives at every opportunity, he then takes credit for
    being this courageous "maverick," even as everybody knows that
    trashing conservatives to the media is the easiest, most gutless
    thing a person can do.

    Almost everything about McCain's carefully crafted image is a lie.
    It always has been. And now, in a somewhat cruel irony, McCain has
    access to massive amounts of Obama Care-exempted health care, while
    voting to make sure you and I remain trapped under this failed
    disaster. In other words, McCain is just being McCain. This is who
    he's always been.

    He "reached across the aisle" in the 1980's to enrich himself while
    the Savings and Loan scandal was bankrupting average Americans. He
    reached across the aisle in the 90's to help Bill Clinton. He
    reached across the aisle in 2005 and 06 in the name of comprehensive immigration reform. He reached across the aisle to help foist the
    corrupt Dodd-Frank bill on us. And on and on it goes.

    Now he's reaching across the aisle in service of a corrupt, lobbyist
    contrived and bureaucrat enforced abomination called ObamaCare. Of
    course he is. This is who John McCain is, and always has been.

    [Fuck you, John McVain!]

    Dems & the media want Trump to be more like Obama, but then he'd
    have to audit liberals & wire tap reporters' phones.

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