• Double-masking becomes latest effort in fending off the coronavirus - "

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    Americans and others have taken or have been required to take
    myriad approaches toward stopping the spread of the coronavirus
    including the wearing of a mask, and in some more extreme cases wearing
    goggles or a face shield.

    However, the new newest and perhaps trendiest one now appears to be
    doubling up on masks.

    If one mask prevents some germs from getting through, the new thought
    is that two or three should be even more effective in blocking out

    Dr. Linsey Marr, an expert at Virginia Tech in virus transmission, said
    in a recent New York Times report that the idea is backed up by
    research data suggesting "you start achieving pretty high efficiencies"
    when combining multiple layers.

    "The air has to follow this tortuous path," she said. "The big things
    its carrying are not going to be able to follow those twists and

    Several coaches, politicians and other high-profile individuals have
    been spotted wearing two masks on top of one another.

    Trump won.

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