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    America’s scientists are essentially miracle workers. Within mere
    months, they have developed highly effective vaccines for COVID-19. By
    year’s end, millions of Americans will have received their first doses.
    We should begin to see death rates from COVID drop precipitously in the
    coming weeks as more and more Americans gain immunity from the virus.

    Yet never has there been a larger gap between America’s scientists and America’s public health professionals. Science is supposed to guide the decision-making for both groups. Yet public health professionals have consistently failed to utilize science as their lodestar, instead
    sacrificing their credibility on the altar of intersectional politics. Throughout the summer, public health professionals ignored perfectly
    obvious dangers surrounding mass protests over alleged racial
    injustice; many of those top health professionals suggested that the
    risks of racism in American society amounted to a health problem all
    their own. Throughout the pandemic, public health officials have caved
    to the political incentive toward overbroad lockdown policies,
    simultaneously exempting themselves from the rules.

    Now we learn that public health officials pushed for vaccine
    distribution not based on health risk but on racial factors. As the
    U.K.’s Daily Mail reported this week: “Every US state has been advised
    to consider ethnic minorities as a critical and vulnerable group in
    their vaccine distribution plans, according to Centers for Disease
    Control guidance. As a result, half of the nation’s states have
    outlined plans that now prioritize black, Hispanic and indigenous
    residents over white people in some way.”

    This insanity is rooted in eugenic concerns. “Older populations are
    whiter,” public health “expert” Dr. Harald Schmidt of the University of Pennsylvania told The New York Times in early December. “Society is
    structured in a way that enables them to live longer. Instead of giving additional health benefits to those who already had more of them, we
    can start to level the playing field a bit.” In other words, a
    disproportionate number of white people survive to old age; we should, therefore, give vaccines to younger, less vulnerable nonwhite citizens
    in “essential industries” and let Grandma die.

    Not only is this obviously racist; it happens to engender policy that
    kills more black people in absolute terms. Age is a far better
    predictor of COVID vulnerability than race: As Dr. Gbenga Ogedegbe of
    the New York University Grossman School of Medicine found, infected
    patients die at the same rate regardless of race. This means that if
    you give tranches of the vaccine to patients based on racial concerns
    rather than age concerns, the most vulnerable black and Latino
    populations — elderly blacks and Latinos — are more likely to die so
    that younger black and Latinos can receive a vaccine for a disease to
    which they are probably 10 times less vulnerable.

    This is the price of social justice thinking. By treating people as
    members of racial groups rather than as individuals, and by
    prioritizing race above age, more black and brown people die in
    absolute terms, even if the overall proportionality of black and brown
    deaths drops versus white deaths. “Equitable” statistical outcome has
    become a higher goal than actually saving lives.

    That’s absurd and tragic. And it should undermine our trust in our
    public health officials. So, trust the scientists when they root their decisions in science. But doubt them at the top of your lungs when they
    start proclaiming that they are experts on morality.

    Joe Biden went from stealing someone's wife, to stealing speeches, to
    stealing money, to stealing an election.
    He has really grown as a politician.
    -- Michael Moore

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    Now we learn that public health officials pushed for vaccine
    distribution not based on health risk but on racial factors. As the

    Why are minority death rates higher?

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