• Pelosi: Most American Covid Deaths Are Because Of Trump

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    On Sunday, speaking to the press, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated
    that most of the deaths in America from the coronavirus were President
    Trump’s fault.

    A reporter asked, “Given all of the demand still out there that you’ve
    talked about, how large a package would you like to see President-Elect
    Biden introduce next year as President and how much money for state and
    local aid do you think should be in that package?”

    Pelosi responded, “Well, we’ll make a judgment all the time about what
    the needs are. I think that when you see the surge and the Coronavirus,
    you know that we cannot just think it’s over or that we can ignore it.
    The denial, the delay, the distortion, the calling it a hoax has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, not all of them attributed to
    President Trump, but most of them that could have been avoided.”

    “So, this is a matter of life and death: the lives of the American
    people and the livelihood of our economy and their economic security,”
    she continued. “So we’ll make a judgment as we go forward as to what
    has changed and what — what may be for the better or may be for the
    worse as we go forward.”


    In mid-July, Pelosi stated that “thousands of Americans” had died
    because of Trump. Speaking on CNN’s “Situation Room” with host Wolf
    Blitzer, the two had this exchange:

    Blitzer:But let me start with the President’s news conference
    he just had. He encouraged people to go ahead and wear masks,
    he admitted that things would get worse before they get better,
    eventually it will disappear. How far do you think all that
    goes in addressing this crisis that is still killing hundreds
    of Americans every single day?

    Pelosi: Well, I think with the President’s comments today, he
    recognized the mistakes he has made by now embracing mask-
    wearing and the recognition this is not a hoax, it is a
    pandemic that has gotten worse before it will get better
    because of his inaction. And, in fact, clearly, it is the
    Trump virus.

    Blitzer: Well, what do you mean when you say the Trump virus?

    Pelosi: The Trump virus: if he had said months ago, let’s wear
    masks and let’s not – let’s socially distance instead of
    rallies and whatever they were, then more people would have
    followed his lead. He’s the President of the United States.
    Instead of being a bad example, like a manhood thing not to
    wear a mask.

    So, in any event, it was weird because a briefing on the
    coronavirus should be about science, and that is something
    the President has ignored. It should be about governance and,
    now, he’s finally embracing – saying it is okay to wear a mask.
    So, I think a good deal of what we have suffered is clearly
    the Trump virus.

    Blitzer: So what you are saying is that thousands of Americans
    have died because of what the President has done or not done;
    is that what you are saying?

    Pelosi: Yeah. Yes, that’s what I am saying. I think it’s
    clearly evident.

    Joe Biden went from stealing someone's wife, to stealing speeches, to
    stealing money, to stealing an election.
    He has really grown as a politician.
    -- Michael Moore

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