• NBC doctor: People shouldn't travel or be 'liberated from wearing masks

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    A doctor who appeared onscreen as an expert for NBC News is facing
    harsh blowback after he suggested on air that even people who have been vaccinated for the novel coronavirus should not travel until the
    vaccine has been made available to the entire country, which will not
    happen until next summer.

    The doctor, Vin Gupta, M.D., identifies himself in his Twitter profile
    as a medical analyst for NBC News, and a "Lung/ICU doc" for the
    University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.
    Dr. Gupta made the comments on "Meet the Press" Sunday in response to
    news that one of the first people in America to receive the COVID-19
    vaccine was excited because it meant they would be free to travel.


    In the clip, Gupta chastised the individual who planned to travel,
    saying, "Just for your viewers out there, I know one of the officials
    who we just saw getting vaccinated is planning on traveling after the
    second dose. This is a source of confusion. This is one of the
    misperceptions out there. Just because you get vaccinated with that
    second dose does not mean you should be participating in things like
    traveling in the middle of an out of control pandemic or that you're
    liberated from wearing masks."

    Gupta continued, "Everything still applies until all of us get the two
    dose regimen, and we don't think that's going to happen until June or
    July. And, again, this goes back to what we just talked about, Chuck.
    We don't know if just getting the vaccination prevents serious illness,
    or does it also prevent you from getting infection entirely? Meaning,
    you can still get infected with the virus potentially and pass it on to
    others. So, really, really critical don't let your guard down just
    because you got vaccinated. You still might be able to get infected
    with the virus and pass it on to others, so please keep that in mind."

    The tweet containing Gupta's remarks was promptly "ratioed," with
    thousands of Twitter users either replying or quote tweeting the clip
    with overwhelmingly negative responses. Many Twitter users wondered how
    the government planned to encourage people to get the vaccine about
    which many people already have safety concerns if doing so will not
    allow vaccinated Americans to resume their regular activities of daily
    living until the entire country was already vaccinated.

    Tim Pool
    We don't know if the vaccine works?

    Then why get it?

    Dr. David Samadi, MD
    The point of the vaccine is supposed to be to get us back to

    Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) went further, saying that Gupta represented a
    "bizarre, lunatic, totalitarian cult" that was "not about vaccines or protecting people's lives it is instead profoundly anti-science, and
    is only focused on absolute govt control of every aspect of our lives."

    Undeterred by the torrent of criticism, Dr. Gupta was back on NBC
    Wednesday, and received his dose of the vaccine on air.

    Gupta said, "This vaccine is safe, very effective and I am beyond
    grateful to have received the first dose this morning." Gupta went on
    to say, "This virus killed 3K Americans just yesterday. Broad
    vaccination is our only way out."

    Joe Biden went from stealing someone's wife, to stealing speeches, to
    stealing money, to stealing an election.
    He has really grown as a politician.
    -- Michael Moore

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