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    Last week, CNN hosted a nurse who claimed in a Twitter thread that conservatives with COVID-19, whom she claimed to be treating, were
    denying the disease’s existence up to their dying breath. An
    investigation from RedState’s Scott Hounsell, however, suggests the
    nurse embellished her claims.

    The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo reported Monday that CNN hosted registered nurse Jodi Doering to claim her conservative patients “don’t
    want to believe that COVID is real,” adding that this belief wasn’t
    coming from “one particular patient, it’s just a culmination of so many people.”

    “Their last dying words are, ‘This can’t be happening. It’s not real,’”
    Doering claimed. “And when they should be spending time — FaceTiming
    their families, they’re filled with anger and hatred.”

    In her Twitter thread, Doering claimed: “The ones that stick out are
    those who still don’t believe the virus is real. The ones who scream at
    you for a magic medicine and that Joe Biden is … [g]oing to ruin the
    USA,” she wrote. “All while gasping for breath on 100% Vapotherm. They
    tell you there must be another reason they are sick. They call you
    names and ask why you have to wear all that ‘stuff’ because they don’t
    have COViD because it’s not real. Yes. This really happens.”

    After Doering’s appearance on CNN, which led many to question the
    validity of her claims and at the very least suggest CNN did absolutely
    no verification before inviting her on to speak, RedState’s Hounsell
    looked into the South Dakota coronavirus numbers and found Doering’s
    claims to be farfetched.

    “Nurse Doering, a Marquette grad and licensed Certified Nurse
    Practitioner (CNP) lives in a little town called Woonsocket, in Sanborn
    County. Sanborn County has had just one COVID-19 death since the
    beginning of the pandemic, according to South Dakota’s COVID-19
    statistics website, which provides data from all the different regions
    and counties in South Dakota, and USFacts.org. That death occurred in
    October,” Hounsell reported.

    Hounsell spoke to the marketing lead at Huron Regional Medical Center,
    where Doering “has worked, at times, on the COVID-19 unit in the
    hospital.” That person told Hounsell that only six people died with
    COVID-19 during the entire outbreak, while 22 died in Beadle County
    where the hospital is located. HRMC currently has six non-critical
    COVID-19 patients, with only one in the Intensive Care Unit and none on ventilators, according to South Dakota’s COVID-19 statistics website.

    “Of the six deaths identified, RedState was able to determine that one
    was the tragic case of a 21-year-old mother of three who died back in
    May. Without revealing the identity of the mother, RedState has
    determined that she likely was not a patient who denied the existence
    of the virus. That leaves us with five patients that died at the
    hospital since the beginning of the outbreak, whom we have not been
    able to identify. RedState was not able to determine whether or not
    Doering was working at the time of any of the deaths. She could have
    been there for all five, or there for none of them. The narrative that
    Doering appeared to be weaving does is not supported by the facts,”
    Hounsell reported.

    Hounsell further noted that Doering made it seem like she was routinely
    facing angry conservative patients dying of COVID-19, but the
    hospital’s statistics show that cannot be the case.

    “While Doering may have witnessed her described situation once or twice
    (or at the most five times over eight months), the way the media blew
    it up made it seem like she was in a full COVID-19 treatment ward that
    was encountering this situation multiple times a day. From stats and
    the data available, as well as contact with the hospital, that appears
    to just not be the case,” Hounsell concluded.

    Democrats and the liberal media hate President Trump more than they
    love this country.

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