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    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, The Republican Senate along with
    every single Democrat voted against repealing Obamacare. The 7
    Republicans who voted against have ensured that there will be no
    private healthcare in 10-15 years. It is clear that Obamacare is
    here to stay in one form or another. The Democrats have made clear
    what their intention is – single payer. This is what they have
    wanted for centuries. The takers of society and businesses are going
    to love it. Rationing and lines will begin like every industrialized
    society that has taken this route. The only people who are going to
    hate it is the American people. You are supposed to decide what kind
    of plan and care you get, not the government. This is the biggest
    lie in modern political history. Also, Medicaid is a welfare
    program. The answer to this is not a better Republican mouse trap,
    the answer is freedom, entrepreneurship, completion, and choice.
    After that, next year we are told North Korea may have a working
    ICBM. What should we do if they arm that ICBM with a nuclear warhead
    and aim it at California? It is amazing they are not even having a
    discussion about this. To add, the U.S. military exists to defend
    our nation. It is not a petri dish for every radical idea of the
    left. If the generals tell us that allowing transgenders to serve in
    the military would disrupt our ability to defend this country, then
    that is that. You have to give the President credit on this.
    Sometimes no means no and it is not a civil rights issue, but a
    defense issue. We are going to take our bathrooms and military back
    from the left. Finally, Senate Democrats used a parliamentary
    maneuver to cut short a hearing where Bill Browder was set tell the
    Senate Judiciary Committee about how Glen Simpson of Fusion GPS was
    hired by to do a smear campaign against him. Why don’t the Democrats
    want to hear from this guy? This is showing more and more that
    Donald Trump Jr. was set up.

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    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Alfie Evans tragedy is exactly
    what the Left would give us with government-run health care.
    Progressives always point to Europe as the example of society we
    should follow and argue for government run universal healthcare
    because it covers everyone. Britain covers everyone but they have no
    control of their own healthcare or doctors. This is the ideology
    being exported into our country and why progressives push for more
    ubiquitous government control of our lives. The debate about
    Obamacare is always about covering people, not about quality
    healthcare; it’s meaningless to have healthcare if it’s not quality
    healthcare. The more centralized and compassionate leftists claim
    government to be, the less control you have over your life. Later,
    when the left does something it’s enshrined for all time, and that’s
    exactly what’s happening with DACA. President Trump is being blocked
    by a judicial fiat from reversing what Obama put in place through
    executive overreach. Later, after 40 years the Golden State killer
    was caught. He was an ex disgruntled cop Joseph James DeAngelo. Law
    enforcement never gave up and he was finally arrested and will die
    in prison.

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    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Is Elijah Cummings a racist? The media has
    made it clear that this word “infested” is Hitlerian and secretly-suggests racist undertones when used. However, new audio surfaces of Elijah Cummings
    in 1999 saying that Baltimore is “infested!” By the Congressman’s own
    admission Baltimore is so “drug-infested” and that young men are walking
    around like zombies. Why would he use the word zombies to describe the men of color in his district? Why are Democrats fascinated with falsely charging people with racism? Last night’s democrat debate featured the word racism as
    a mainstay of the candidates, yet not a single one mentioned that it was the Democrat Party that created the KKK and the Jim Crow laws. Later, Canadian continues to suffer long waits at the hands of their government-run health
    care system. The so-called free system turns out to cost way more than Canadians have bargained for and the demand for these ‘free’ services drive
    up demand while driving down the quality of care. The long waits for care and medication shortages are hiding in plain sight. The media, in their
    complicity, just sits there allowing it to happen without asking questions to clarify the facts.

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    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, KARN host Doc Washburn fills in for
    Mark. Texas has brought a legal matter to the Supreme Court charging
    the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia with
    hurting the Texas election because of those states’ unconstitutional
    changes to existing election laws. Afterward, new congressional
    testimony reveals a potential cure for COVID-19. The CDC has edited its
    website to indicate that they no longer believe that COVID-19 was
    transmitted through contact with dry surfaces although that was
    disputed. There was also the controversy over mask-wearing, non-mask-
    wearing, and the efficacy of vaccines. Yet people were told to go and
    vote even if they were symptomatic, but Thanksgiving with families was
    scaled back. The latest is that mask-wearing might be more effective at allaying anxiety than at preventing COVID-19 in public spaces where
    people physically distance and spend less than 15-minutes next to one
    another. Later, Dr. Pierre Kory testified in front of the US Senate’s
    Homeland Security Committee and blasted members that doubted the
    science he was presenting. Kory reiterated that he was appalled that
    the drug research that he and his colleagues conducted on re-purposed
    drugs was not being considered or fast-tracked. He touted the evidence
    on Ivermectin as miraculous and declared that “if you take it, you will
    not get sick.”

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    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson fills in
    for Mark. Ironically, there are no videos of people on airplanes
    fighting to keep their masks on now that the federal mask mandate was
    struck down by a federal court. However, the White House will have you
    believe that it was only one video on one U.S plane where the
    passengers cheered mid-flight at the announcement that the mandate was
    over. The White House and the Justice Department announced that they
    will fight to regain the CDC’s power over the public’s transportation
    system. In contrast, the southern Border remains chaotically open.
    Then, President Joe Biden has become the biggest drug dealer in America
    as fentanyl is now killing four times more people than it did before he
    took office. Yet, Biden gets scared by the Easter Bunny, gets lost
    outside his house, and shakes hands with the air. Later, the left has
    now resorted to lies. An MSNBC Medical Contributor and former Obama
    policy staffer, Dr. Patel, says that people should carry masks with
    them and lie to others about having a child with cancer to guilt them
    into wearing a mask. Afterward, Jen Psaki may be under federal
    investigation for disparaging a competitor of her future employer
    (MSNBC) as Psaki has announced that she is leaving the White House. A
    watchdog group is demanding an ethics investigation into any conflicts
    there may have been. Finally, go woke or go broke. Former AG Loretta
    Lynch’s firm has been hired to conduct a ‘racial equity audit’ at

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    On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the CDC received a blistering report
    regarding its handling of COVID and it was determined that it fell
    short of expectations and will be shaking things up. Contrary to what
    it sounds like the CDC will likely shake things up to make things more political while instituting additional woke policies. Then, Liz Cheney
    lost her election and keeps burping up platitudes about democracy
    instead of discussing our constitutional republic. Cheney is all about
    her and no one else especially not the American people in Wyoming.
    Cheney is no Abraham Lincoln, she’s actually more like Benedict Arnold.
    Later, FL Gov. Ron DeSantis blasts Biden for adding 87,000 IRS agents
    to target the Administration’s political enemies and raise money for
    the ruling class’s pet projects. This massive spending and tax law will
    not reduce inflation, it will only empower the government and hurt the
    people. Also, under the Espionage Act, the people that write these
    classified documents have the responsibility to retrieve said
    documents, the responsibility is not the President’s. Will anyone that
    produced or delivered classified information to President Trump be
    prosecuted? Afterward, Paul Manafort calls in to discuss his new book “Political Prisoner: Persecuted, Prosecuted, but Not Silenced.”
    Manafort added that he was imprisoned in solitary confinement with a 10
    million dollar bond for an alleged Foreign Agent Registration Act
    (FARA). Manafort details how the feds only mistreated him in order to
    get to Trump by any means necessary.

    Fox News
    CDC director orders reorganization, saying COVID-19 response ‘did not
    reliably meet expectations’

    US News & World Report
    Walensky: CDC Did Not ‘Reliably Meet Expectations’ on COVID-19

    Gov. Ron DeSantis on the Biden admin hiring more IRS agents

    Right Scoop
    Bill Gates admits to PLYING Manchin and Schumer for Biden on fake
    inflation bill full of Green New Deal crap

    FBI Sought Documents Trump Hoarded for Years, Including about

    Right Scoop
    CNN legal analyst disputes media hype, says Trump has BROAD authority
    to declassify material

    F.B.I. Interviewed Top White House Lawyers About Missing Trump

    The Federalist
    U.S. Postal Service Just Institutionalized Election Interference With
    New Mail-In-Ballot Division

    Rough transcript of Hour 1

    Hour 1 Segment 1

    I’ll be on Hannity tonight, nine thirty PM Eastern Time. I hope you’ll
    watch now. The Center for Disease Control. Has received a blistering, blistering report. Excuse me, that’s cholera, a blistering, blistering
    report. About its conduct. Since. You know, we had the virus and so
    forth trying to pull this up for you, and I want to remind you this
    whole nursing homes situation. That we were the first to talk about
    this when we were tipped off on the air. By a doctor who was an
    administrator at a nursing home. And I would go through the stats that
    were provided by the CDC and I would tell you. But the definition. I’ve
    just covered it’s confusing, it seems overly broad. That the direction
    that was being given. Was contradictory, I had people on my show, Life,
    Liberty and Love in. People behind this, Mike. And of course, I wasn’t
    attacked as a denier. He was a denier of what I don’t deny there’s a
    virus. Of course, I didn’t deny that there’s a virus. But there were a
    lot of questions to be asked and the CDC was not up to it, and one of
    the reasons. Is because of politicization, which is not. A top subject
    of this report, because they would respond to Democrat interest groups
    like the teachers union. Which really wasn’t part of the report either.
    And of course, we have Fauci who said don’t wear masks and then wear
    masks. Wear boots, wear burqas, wear goggles, double mask. And nobody
    serious was buying any of that, except, of course, the media pushing
    the agenda. And now the CDC director, Walensky. She now admits the CDC
    did not reliably meet expectations on covid-19. They had had a review
    of its structure, systems and processes. Now they’re going to have a
    shaker. The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    today acknowledged the agency fell short of expectations. Its handling
    of the coronavirus pandemic announced drastic changes for its
    operations. Walensky said for 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for covid-19 and in our big moment, our performance did not
    reliably meet expectations. And of course, Fauci is one of the reasons.
    And of course, his hair should be kicked out and kicked out fast. My
    goal is a new public health action oriented culture at CDC that
    emphasizes accountability, collaboration, communication and timeliness.
    Notice she doesn’t say. Eliminates politics. The agency in April
    announced a review of its structure, systems and processes, and the
    review came after criticism the agency was slow to alter covid-19
    guidance in the face of changing science often produce confusing recommendations that were difficult for the public to decipher. Changes
    would also include the appointment of Mary Wakefield, a former Obama administration health official. To lead the agency’s move toward a
    stronger public health focus, additionally, the CDC will strengthen the response team for health emergencies, according to The New York Times.
    One of the other things they want to look at is diversity at the
    highest level. So let me tell you this. You ready? I think a lot of
    this. The response is the opposite of what you. A normal regular
    American would think. I think we’re going to get more. Of the world
    politics in this department, this agency. More of an. Not less. That
    they’re going to remain political when they talk about communications
    and. And so forth. They’re bringing in an Obama flack. As if that’s
    going to clean up anything as we know it won’t clean up anything. I am
    owed an apology, many people around an apology, I don’t expect one. I’m
    just underscoring the point. And of course, there are fantastic.
    Fantastic. Experts. Yale, Stanford, Oxford. Yeah, Rockefeller College.
    So many in so many other places. We’re out front and knew exactly what
    needed to be done. And they were not only ignored in many cases, they
    were derided and of course, big tech and the oligarchs. They rejected
    any contrary opinions, even from experts and scientists. The medical
    doctors, they banned them. They banned them, they gave them the scarlet
    letter. And now we know also that the CDC work and the White House
    work. With these big oligarchs from tech world who now have received 50
    billion dollars or so from you and me. In order to silence contrary
    voices. And that’s the problem you see, ladies and gentlemen, the more centralized the government gets. The more ideological. The more it is
    invested. In pushing its agenda no matter what. That’s the problem with centralized health care decisions, that’s the problem with centralized environmental decisions. That’s the problem with centralized economic decisions. You know, stollen, yes, stollen. Stalin. His people were
    starving, the Russians were starving to death. But he was not going to
    give up the commune’s. We’re not going to give up his massive stealing
    of private property. The reorganization of agriculture. And so he and
    his people put out lies about production lies. And when they wouldn’t
    meet their goals, he would have the people in charge of the process,
    he’s executed because it wasn’t the ideology, you see, it was the
    people. Because they can never give up the ideology till they have.
    It’s the ideology. CDC admits it failed to respond effectively to the
    covid crisis sweeping reorganization aimed at changing the agency’s
    culture and restoring public trust. Plans to make the agency more
    nimble. I’m just reading what they say. It admits flawed covid-19
    response. And it says it’s laid out a plan to become more nimble and accountable. I don’t think so. And if you bring in an Obama in. If
    you’re talking about walkers and effectively, none of that’s going to
    improve science. None of it’s going to improve the management of the organization. You see the CDC, like HHS, like all the rest of the
    alphabet. Has enormous red tape, layers and layers of. Long in the
    tooth, bureaucrats starting with Fauci, among others. And they’re not
    talking about the kind of changes that are needed to truly fix it,
    market oriented competition, checking more advice from serious outside scientists and medical doctors. They haven’t even acknowledged, let
    alone apologize for their work with the big oligarchs and big tech to
    silence people actually know what they’re talking about. Now, why are
    they coming out now and doing this? Why? Because they believe the
    Republicans will take the House when they take the House, they will
    have to testify and there will be investigations. And they’re going to
    point to this great report that they’ve done. And how they responded to
    it that we’re going to make changes, we’re going to do much better.
    We’re going to be responsive to the public. We’re going to. We’re going
    to consult this one and that one. And we know we have a problem. So
    this is. A preventative effort. To take some of the heat off. God
    willing, when the Republicans take the House, because they have said
    that this will be one of their top issues. So they want to come in and
    defuse the whole thing. We you know, we worked on this and we we agree
    and we have a problem and we’re really working on changing the
    bureaucracy and the response and and we don’t disagree and blah, blah.
    No, no, no. They need to be held to account. This overhaul, they’re
    talking about a major overhaul. Why do you think they’re making such a
    big deal of it? I’ll be right back.

    Hour 1 Segment 2

    All right, folks, Liz Cheney lost in Wyoming, you may have heard by 40
    percent, give or take, and she was never serious about being a
    congressman or representing Wyoming. She compares herself to Abraham
    Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln. First of all, Abraham Lincoln was born dirt
    poor in a log cabin in Kentucky. Liz Cheney was born a spoiled rotten
    brat. She was raised in Northern Virginia, in McLean, Virginia, which
    is a very wealthy suburb of Washington. She believes she’s entitled.
    She has done nothing profound, she has said nothing profound. She is a narcissist through and through. Who believes that she carries the
    future of the country on her shoulders? God forbid. She keeps burping
    up platitudes. About democracy. She should mirpur platitudes about Republicanism. She keeps burping up platitudes about the Constitution.
    While she serves on a committee that has as its purpose to violate the Constitution, including. The Separation of powers doctrine. That
    committee. And Cheney have not treated a single witness the way
    witnesses are to be treated, particularly individuals. Against whom she
    is very hostile. Liz Cheney rejects due process. Due process that’s
    going backward a thousand years or more. She rejects the idea of an
    opposition. She rejects telling the truth by cherry picking
    information. And she rejects Americanism, despite all of her bravado.
    Liz Cheney. Is about Liz Cheney, it’s why she had a Hollywood film
    crew. All set up for her speech in Wyoming with a beautiful background,
    the mountain, the American flag, American flag. And her speech, her
    speech wasn’t to the people of Wyoming. Her time in Congress wasn’t for
    the people in Wyoming. She lost her seat not because she’s Abraham
    Lincoln. But because she is a self aggrandizing. Luser. Who did nothing
    for her name? Stanely is one congressman and they need a congressman
    who’s going to protect them from this administration. Not throw with
    Nancy Pelosi in the press. We’ve invited Liz Cheney on this program.
    She will not come on the program. She will not come on the program, and
    now it’s clear and it’s been clear that she’s used this entire. January
    six, rogue operation to try and promote herself. To create a political
    platform she would not otherwise have. To get press attention.
    Slobbering, salivating. Press attention. There she certainly never
    received before, it’s not hard to get it. She’s not Abraham Lincoln,
    she’s Benedict Arnold and the Benedict Arnold. Within the Republican
    Party. Or populated throughout CNN, MSNBC pages of The New York Times
    and The Washington Post. They know how to get attention, they’re
    effectively grifter’s. They want to be famous, not by hard work. But by stabbing people in the back. You can see it on The View. You can see
    with Cheney. Nicolle Wallace. Mr. Stephen Schmidt. And there’s so many
    I can’t keep track. So Liz Cheney. Wants to be president. And you don’t
    elect their ladies and gentlemen, you don’t support her if you don’t
    embrace her, and obviously you’re part of the problem. You’re against
    the country. If there’s a new civil war, I would say that Liz Cheney is
    on the wrong side of it. More Jefferson Davis than Abraham Lincoln.
    Kipsang. Liz Cheney never spoke out against the outrageous attacks on
    Trump when they tried to. Destroy his election both in and outside the government tried to remove him from office. She voted once for that,
    tried to criminalize his administration. She doesn’t give a damn about
    this country, about her.

    Hour 1 Segment 3

    The liberals want to silence, but you can talk to me at eight seven
    seven three eight one three eight one one. Well, I want to read
    something to you. I really hope you’ll be able to listen to everybody.
    Just stop what they’re doing. I want to read something to you, and I am
    looking for it now. OK, Mark, we stop what we’re doing now. What the
    hell do you want? I’ve got it. I’m getting there. Computer’s a little
    slow. Let’s see here the Espionage Act. Of 1917, most, if you haven’t
    read it, most of the people commenting on it haven’t read it. Most of
    the former federal prosecutors coming in haven’t read it. And certainly
    most of the meta media. Have not read it. And it says something that’s
    very interesting and I’m going to wait till the after the break to read
    it to you because I want to make sure I have the right section. That
    it’s going to be a point after I really studied this, studied, that’s
    history, but really studied it this morning, I’d studied it before. And
    it really does need to. We discussed at some length. And I’m going to
    do it here with you first. So we will we’ll wait till I find the actual
    the correct text, you know, this law has been changed over the years
    and I don’t want to use the wrong. The wrong text. Rhonda Santurce on
    at a press conference today on the 87,000 more IRS agents, and I want
    you to understand. This is going to have a direct impact on each and
    every one of you. It’s not the first year, second and third year. One
    go, I think, of all the things that have come out of Washington that
    have been outrageous. This has got to be pretty close to the top. And I
    think it was basically just a middle finger to the American public that
    this is what they think of you. All these problems we have to deal with
    and they think the way is to do. Eighty seven thousand IRS agents.
    There’s going to be more people in the IRS than like a lot of these
    other agencies combined. Now, they’re not putting very much money down
    at the border, I can tell you that right now. But they want to be able
    to do it and unleash them on American taxpayers. And so so that’s
    wrong. Fortunately, you know, that’s one of the reasons we don’t have
    an income tax, is because if you don’t have an income tax, you don’t
    you don’t empower revenue agents. Once you do that income tax, that
    gives them the ability to really go in and potentially talk. And it’s
    going to be targeted at people that the government doesn’t like. Now,
    think about what he said there, think about the difference between Iran
    to scientists in Florida. This is the reason we do not have. And income
    tax. You don’t have to worry about an income tax audit in Florida,
    concessional income tax. But you do have to worry about an income tax
    because the Democrats now. Have doubled the size of the area, doubled.
    There’s no one hundred and seventy thousand employees at the IRS when
    you add the 87000 new agents. And they’ve told you what the purposes.
    They’ve said what the purpose is to collect more revenue, but then they
    lie to you and they tell you it won’t affect you. It won’t be it won’t
    affect you because Joe Manchin is going to make sure it doesn’t cut to
    go. We’re going to follow all the way through. I’m going to follow to
    make sure the IRS doesn’t harass anybody. And I would encourage all of
    my all of my political friends to make sure their staffs are in contact
    with the IRS. I want to make sure the EPA doesn’t overreach and it’s
    balanced of how they do it. You know, there’s always a way to go out
    rather than going out with a cease and desist order, go out with an
    idea of how you make such an idiot. So just keep electing Joe Manchin,
    he’ll make sure the IRS and the EPA don’t abuse its powers or their
    powers. Now, how ridiculous is that? He just voted to massively expand
    their powers. But this was a massive tax bill, a massive, massive
    regulatory bill. A massive. Climate change bill, which has has a
    purpose. To destroy your prosperity, and it’s going to. And a massive centralization of health care bill, it is now destroyed research and development for new drugs. With price controls. It’s told the
    pharmaceutical companies, if you don’t meet the prices that we set, we
    will tax you at ninety five percent. That’s what this idiot voted for.
    That’s what he voted for. They keep calling it the Inflation Reduction
    Act. They lied to you. Not only does it fail to reduce inflation, the
    vast majority would a massive spending and tax bill right in the teeth
    of stagflation. Here is Joe Manchin asked by Fox News’s Hillary Vaughn,
    cut, go, is it misleading, misleadingly college completion production
    act for Americans when it’s not going to be the for no fever, it’s not
    going to make everything much cheaper for them. Why would it? Why would
    it? Well, it’s an opportunity. We never saw anything happen immediately
    like today’s turn the switch on and off. Nobody talked about turning
    the switch on and off, moron. And now we know America, West Virginians. Hardworking men and women of this country that there was an invisible
    hand behind all this. Bill Gates, who apparently is quite the
    sleazeball. But that aside. The second richest man in the world. The
    second richest man in the world. He feels your pain if you’re a coal
    miner, he feels your pain if you work in an oil refinery. He feels your
    pain if you work on a rig, feels your pain if you fill up your car,
    your truck. No, he doesn’t. He’s a fraud and a phony. But his invisible
    hand was behind mansion. Working with Schumer cut go at maintaining
    that dialogue, including in the last month where, you know, people felt
    like, OK, we tried, we’re done, it failed. And because I believed it
    was a unique opportunity, my trying to bridge the communication gap and encourage people to make one more effort, you know, by because of the relationship we built up over time, you know, we were able to talk even
    at a time when people weren’t listening, you know, and, you know, I
    wouldn’t have wanted to be in his position in the last six months have
    been all right. Hey, Johnson, you got to wonder how this guy ever made
    a nickel. Must be as good luck, Mr. Producer. But that aside, there
    were a lot of. Figures in the background operating in the dark, in the
    shadows, in marijuana, smoke filled rooms, a lot of people. Who were
    involved in this, who got what they wanted, who got the money they
    wanted? They got the tax increases they wanted. Who got the subsidies
    they wanted? Out of your view, the view of the American people, and we
    simply cannot rely on the corrupt media to give us the facts, all they
    do is look at this. Joe Biden’s had a hell of a week. Look, look at all
    his successes. That’s what we get from these morons. That’s when we get
    nothing more, nothing less. But we know it’s fantastic and now we’re
    going to have clean air. What’s next? We haven’t done enough. What’s
    next? So they haven’t even allowed the trillions and trillions they’ve
    spent and have borrowed to settle into the system. So we can all enjoy
    their massive centralized policy. Before they go at it again. With
    another nearly trillion dollars. And guess what? It’s not just one
    trillion. They’re going to fund this stuff over and over and over
    again, it creates a benchmark. He creates a bottom block, we spend
    almost 400 billion dollars on, quote unquote, climate change. I propose
    we increase it. It’s so desperate out there, we need to spend five
    hundred billion dollars next year. That’s how it works. That’s how it
    works, because their policies never work. That’s how it works. I’ll be
    right back.

    Hour 1 Segment 4

    By the way, you know what’s funny about the CDC stuff, the press will
    act like they never defended everything and anything said by issued by
    the CDC black, like they never trashed skeptics. They’re supposed to be skeptical. The whack like this was all science, they’ll just move on
    and pretend they had no participation. In giving this agency. It’s free
    will. That they had no participation trying to shut down other experts
    and scientists and medical doctors. That they had no role in trying to humiliate. People like me, of course, they can’t, but they tried. Who
    dare to raise questions about the information that we’re getting that
    doesn’t even add up or make any sense, and I want the media to
    understand this is why you’re despised. This is why you’re hated. Now.
    I want you if you can stop eating dinner. Stop making dinner. Stop
    buying dinner if you’re in your car. Raise the volume on your radio if
    you’re online, raise the volume on your computer. Your handheld device.
    I want to read something to you. And the Espionage Act of 1917, there
    is a section E, there’s section one, part E. I want you to listen very carefully to this. Whoever. Being entrusted with. Are having lawful
    possession or control of any document writing, code, book, signal,
    book, sketch, photograph, photographic, negative blueprint, plan, map,
    model, note or information relating to the national defense. Through
    gross negligence. Permits the same to be removed from its proper place
    of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust. Or to be
    lost, stolen or abstracted or destroyed shall be punished by a fine, if
    not more than 10,000 hours of by imprisonment for not more than two
    years or both. Now, this is the section of the law that applied to
    Hillary, but that’s beside the point. It’s right there. At the
    beginning, whoever being entrusted with. Are having lawful possession
    or control of any document and so forth. Permits the same to be removed
    from its proper place of custody. Or delivered to anyone in violation
    of his trust and so forth. Mr. Producer, in the first instance, who is entrusted with the document. That would be the agency that creates the document, correct? Being entrusted with having lawful possession. Why
    is it said that this applies exclusively or at all, but exclusively to
    Donald Trump? If you are interested. Let’s figure the CIA director, but
    there’s a lot of munchkins involved in this, but you’re the CIA
    director. Your agency has created this document. You’re entrusted with
    it says being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control it,
    you’re entrusted with control over this document. And you give it to
    the president of the United States. It remains your responsibility. To
    ensure that that document. That you delivered to the president or to
    anybody? Or to anybody. Is returned to its proper place of custody.
    That’s what it says, proper place of custody. So what am I saying? This
    law was never intended to apply to a president or even a former
    president. It was intended to apply. The individuals much lower in rank
    than that within the federal government. So why do we ignore the fact?
    That any classified document that was brought to President Trump has
    president. Secret. Top secret proven beyond. Donald Trump did not
    create that document. Donald Trump was presented with that document.
    The person who’s entrusted with the document, that is its creation, its maintenance. It’s security. Is the agency in the person? You presented
    it to the president. I’m not talking about the National Archives. I’m
    not talking about the White House counsel. Who created. And provided
    the president in the United States with the documents that were in the
    boxes that were removed. Which agencies, which individuals? Because it
    seems to me, ladies and gentlemen. That the application of Part E under
    Section one. Well, the Espionage Act of 1917 quite clearly applies to
    the people. Who brought the classified information after was created by somebody other than the president. Who brought it to the president?
    They were entrusted. With making sure that that document, if this
    statute is applicable and the section is applicable. With ensuring its
    return. And it’s safe keeping. And the question is. If they fail to do
    so by gross negligence, they committed a felony. My being quite clear
    on this, Mr. Producer. I notice not one of the legal analysts or any of
    the other frauds and phonies and buffoons have pointed this out, that’s
    the purpose of this paragraph. But they’re so busy applying it to
    Trump, they’re so busy trying to figure out how to screw Trump. They’re
    not reading the plain language. If they’re not applying it to the
    people to whom it should be applied, I want to get into this a little
    bit more now. If anybody brings this up, you’ll know who they stole it
    from, because I’m surrounded by plagiarists. But that said. This is a
    very, very important point. Whoever being entrusted with. Entrusted
    with through gross negligence permits, the same to be removed from its
    proper place of custody, the documents on the president’s nightstand,
    let’s say it’s President Obama. That’s a violation of this statute.

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