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    When coronavirus cases started spiking in June, Democrats and the
    press treated it as a fresh sign that President Donald Trump had
    failed to contain the disease.

    “There are now about 30,000 new cases per day in the United States,
    about 10 times higher than the roughly 3,000 new cases per day in
    the European Union,” noted one outlet.

    “Experts from Europe have criticized a series of failings in the U.S.,
    which they said had left Americans exposed to infection while in
    Europe, as lockdown eases, infection remains low,” reported another.

    Joe Biden emerged from his bunker in the summer long enough to declare
    that “while other nations took steps to get control over COVID-19,
    Trump took no responsibility.”

    So how do Joe and company explain the fact that coronavirus cases are
    now exploding in Europe at rates far higher than the U.S., that the
    share of positive test results is higher in Europe, as is the case
    fatality rate?

    “There’s no question that the European region is an epicenter for
    disease right now,” said the World Health Organization’s Dr. Michael
    Ryan. “Right now we are well behind this virus in Europe so getting
    ahead of it is going to take some serious acceleration in what we do.”

    The chart below shows daily new cases per 100,000 population in the U.S., Europe and a sampling of European countries.


    Here’s a quick summary of some of the key figures released so far today:

    • 18,820 infections in Poland, a new record, and 236 new deaths.
    • 15,663 infections in the Czech Republic, a new record.
    • 14,964 infections in Germany, a new record, and 85 new deaths.
    • 8,616 infections in Switzerland, a new record.

    Another way to look at this is to measure the share of tests that are
    returning positive results. The lower than percentage the better.


    Meanwhile, say what you want about U.S. health care, but the disease
    is less deadly here than it is in most of Europe, based on case
    fatality data.


    So where is all the outrage about Europe’s failure to contain this
    disease? Or credit to the U.S. for having a better handle on it than
    Europe? Where are the stories recognizing that this disease travels
    how it travels, and that there is little any government agency can do
    about it?

    Better to ignore those points, since they undermine the Democrats’
    claim that every coronavirus death in the U.S. is Trump’s fault
    because he – what? – didn’t keep the economy shut down longer? Didn’t
    impose an unconstitutional nationwide mask mandate?

    Never mind that studies are piling up that show lockdowns have been ineffective.

    As the Federalist reports, “In countries with strict lockdown measures
    such as France, cases rose by 25% in the past 14 days, topping the
    ‘record 18,000 threshold.’ Spain mandated drastic lockdown measures,
    some of which prevented children under 14 from playing outside for
    more than an hour, yet it maintains similar case numbers to France.
    The United Kingdom, whose government ordered a full stay-at-home order
    for seven weeks, has a ‘record levels’ of infections.”

    What about the lack of a national mask mandate? Well, the current rise
    in cases in the U.S. is coming at a time when 35 states have statewide
    mask mandates, and many of the other 15 states have local mandates in
    their urban areas.

    Democrats and the press also are unwilling to make it clear to the
    public that the risk of death from coronavirus remains almost entirely concentrated among the sick and elderly.



    Almost 59% of deaths are among those 75 and older, according to the
    Centers for Disease Control, despite the fact that they account for
    a mere 7.2% of cases.

    At the other end of the spectrum, those under 50 account for nearly
    65% of the COVID-19 cases, but a tiny 5% of deaths.

    No. All this must be hidden so that the public remains in a state of
    panic, at least until the election, since that will make voters more
    likely to blame the current president for our problems.

    — Written by the I&I Editorial Board

    Democrats and the liberal media hate President Trump more than they
    love this country.

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