• Chinese avatar type of 3100 years ago

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    For information on my latest magickal attempt to trigger a
    new age, see the thread (one post and a minor correction)
    “St. Patrick’s week/leading up to full moon/Ostara” on alt.magick ,
    which gives some summary background and points to the thread
    “St. Patrick’s week/leading up to full moon” on alt.religion.druid,
    where I have been posting regular updates.

    But of interest to these groups, in the last 10,000 years the
    avatar type with the largest region before my global one
    was a humpback whale of about 4000 years ago. The
    human avatar type with the largest region of any human
    avatar type before me lived about 3100 years ago, and
    his equivalent to my St. John’s, Newfoundland was in
    Taiwan, his equivalent to my Vancouver was in China,
    and his equivalent to New Zealand was in India, and I
    am not sure what the equivalent to the Internet would have
    been. His popthrough has not been applied yet but I estimate
    that it will be within a couple of hours of this posting.

    But anyway, does anyone have any idea of his name
    and/or the name of the corresponding devi type
    (who would have travelled to India at some point)?

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