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    Kamala Harris had a series of giggles during her 60 Minutes interview,
    what does that tell us about her from a psychological perspective?
    Kamala Harris’s body language is all you need to understand her soul. It doesn’t even matter what she says in this interview, she is caught. Her
    poker face is horrible. She has absolutely no game.

    Norah O’Donnell destroyed Kamala Harris in under 3 minutes. I am so
    impressed with Ms. O’Donnell here.

    From a psychological perspective, Harris is exhibiting nervous
    laughter.[1] It’s a self-protection mechanism that defends our ego from narcissistic injury, in a couple ways.

    It dismisses the premise of the attack. By laughing it off, you are
    indicating that the question was absurd, ridiculous, comical. Not even
    worth answering.
    It buys time to concoct a verbal response. “Let me laugh while I think
    about how to respond to this.” If you wanted to respond honestly, you’d just respond right away.
    This interview could go in a text book to train body language experts.
    If you were interrogating this person, you’d know they were guilty right away. No question.

    Nervous laughter is a physical reaction to stress, tension, confusion,
    or anxiety. Neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran states "We have
    nervous laughter because we want to make ourselves think what horrible
    thing we encountered isn't really as horrible as it appears, something
    we want to believe." Those are the most embarrassing times, too, naturally.

    Let’s break it down

    Notice her mouth is smiling, but her eyes are not. This is a joker
    smile. Look at it, then imagine the joker. Notice her tongue. It’s
    pushed forward. Your mind recognizes these things talking to people.
    It’s instinct. It has kept us alive for thousands of years. Kamala
    Harris is betraying us right now and we can feel it.

    This is a real smile, you can tell the difference, can’t you?

    Notice the wrinkles around the eyes? She’s using way more muscles in her
    face to make this smile. Her tongue is pulled back. It’s a real one.

    Ms. O’Donnell says, “You’re considered the most liberal senator.” No, first of all, Kamala Harris is not a liberal. Maybe, as Andrew T. Post,
    has explained to me, a hypocritical liberal, but she didn’t act like a liberal in California as the AG. She abused minorities and poor people
    with the law. She let corporations steal homes from people. Real
    liberals don’t do stuff like that.

    She changed her tune in Congress, because that’s what she thought would
    get her elected president. That’s what she thought people wanted. That’s what she campaigned on in the primaries.

    But now, she’s VP for a moderate, even really, I would say Biden is a Republican more than a Democrat, but okay. Her corporate donors hate her progressive left policies. Lloyd Blankfein a Democrat megadonor said
    he’d rather vote for Trump than Bernie Sanders and now O’Donnell is suggesting Kamala Harris is more like Bernie than Trump.

    She’s caught. Instead of answering the question, it’s almost like she doesn’t even know it’s true. She’s caught off guard by herself. She doesn’t even know her own record. “Somebody said that. Actually it was
    Mike Pence on the debate stage [nervous laugh].” She literally shrugs it
    off like it’s nothing. She’s laughing at Mike Pence so she can dismiss
    the accusation. Trump has accused the Democrats as being taken over by
    leftwing progressives, while the Democrats are positioning themselves in
    the middle to try to take Republican votes from Trump.

    And she’s caught. The only way she can think to get out of this is to
    use a logical fallacy called ad hominem.[2] If she can blame Mike Pence
    for saying it, then she can she can just say, “Well, of course Mike
    Pence would say that. You can’t trust what Mike Pence would say! Calling
    me the most liberal Senator is absurd, because Mike Pence is absurd.”

    But O’Donnell is too smart for that, she says, “The non-partisan
    GovTrack has rated you the most liberal Senator.”[3] Oops. Kamala Harris can’t blame Mike Pence anymore.

    O’Donnell, the master she is, continues, “Are you going to bring those progressive policies into a Biden administration?” Before we get to Kamala’s response, realize, the Democrats have been grooming Kamala for President. They told her, “Be more like Bernie Sanders, the young folks
    are enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders, you’re a woman of color, be progressive like they want and we can take the White House from Trump.”

    So that’s what Kamala Harris did as Senator. She voted for all the progressive policies. Now that Trump has called them out on that, the
    Democrats are back-peddling because the donor class doesn’t like
    progressive policies.

    Knowing that, how can Kamala Harris possibly respond to this question
    and keep both the donor class happy and the progressive left happy and
    fight back against Trump’s claims that the progressive left are taking
    over the Democratic Party? Even just today, a week before the election,
    Melania Trump called Joe Biden a socialist.[4]

    If Kamala Harris says, “No we aren’t socialists!” Then she will further disenfranchise the young people who love progressive policy. If she says
    she is progressive socialist, she loses all the conservative voters. She
    simply can’t answer the question.

    What does she do then??

    She says, “I will share my lived experience with Joe Biden.”

    What does that even mean?? It means nothing. Do you really think
    O’Donnell is going to let her get away with that? Hell no!

    In a 100% straight face, she asks, “And is that a … socialist or progressive perspective?” You cannot escape Ms. O’Donnell. Nope. She is crushing Kamala Harris right now. How does Kamala respond to that?

    She is totally bewildered. She’s like, “OMG, I can’t believe you asked
    me that. I can’t believe you aren’t letting me off the hook. How do I escape this again!?” Kamala Harris is freaking the frack out right now!

    So how does she handle it? Nervous laughter. “No… hahaha… that’s silly, that’s ridiculous, you can’t expect me to behave with any consistency.
    My past behavior is no indicator of my future behavior. That’s
    ridiculous! Why are you attacking me. I’m so confused right now. I
    thought I was the leftist darling entitled VP candidate who you wanted
    to be president some day. You wanted the other woman to be president,
    why not me, why are you beating up on me?”

    Notice the furrowed brow? [5]

    Wrinkled forehead is one of the quickest ways to detect when a person
    carries negative thoughts. It can signify anything from anxiousness,
    sadness, concentration, concern, worry, bewilderment or anger. The
    cluster of cues which accompany the forehead furrow will give clues to
    its underlying meaning.

    Anger is shown through furrowed forehead coupled with finger pointing,
    overall tensing of the body or tightening of the jaw and lips (called
    “lip occlusion”), quivering in the lips, frowning, dilated pupils, squinting of the eyes, crotch displays such as legs open, sneering or
    flared nostrils, or extreme body loosening to ready for fighting.

    Kamala Harris is in a very weak spot right now, because she has no
    strength of character. She doesn’t really believe in anything she does.
    She has no moral compass.

    There is absolutely no way for the American people to know what she will
    do in the future. She will do whatever she has to do to get more power,
    even if it means going to war, murdering innocent people around the
    world with bombs, throwing people in jail who don’t deserve to be there, giving trillions more dollars to the plutocrats at the expense of future generations, destroying the planet.

    With Kamala Harris in office, there is nothing out of reach for the
    insane trillionaires who don’t care anything at all about human beings. Nothing. They already know she put single mothers in jail for keeping
    their children out of school so they could care for their health. Think
    about how horrible that is. A mother is supposed to take care of her
    child. Kamala Harris threw them in jail for it. And then laughed about

    Kamala Harris is a sociopath. This … horrible excuse for a human being
    is so fake. “You’re accusing me of having no soul, that is so funny, hahahaha…” Witch.

    She’s a cackling witch.

    Okay, holy crap, we have to go all the way back to the question now:

    “And is that a … socialist or progressive perspective?”

    Kamala’s brilliant response? Identity Politics. It’s all the rage on the twitters. She says, “No it’s the perspective of a woman … who grew up a black child in America. … who has an immigrant mother who likes hip
    hop.” Cackle, cackle, cackle. Shakes her head, “What do you want to know?”

    Like… I want to know how you can have any respect for yourself at all. That’s what I want to know. How on earth do you wake up in the morning knowing what you have done to so many people for your own greedy
    psychopathic power grabs. Pure evil.

    None of that crap works on O’Donnell, a professional, who cares about
    the truth and the American people. The only one on the left I have ever
    seen take Kamala Harris to task and really press her on the issues.

    Here she goes again in all her glory, “Trump says Joe Biden is a Trojan
    Horse for progressive policies are you going to push those policies when you’re Vice President?

    Of course, by this point, we’ve all totally written Kamala Harris off.
    She is so fake, no one is believing anything she says from here on out,
    but she’s going to keep on trying.

    “I am not going to be confined to Donald Trump’s definition of who I or anyone else is and I think America has learned that would be a mistake.”

    Listen to the contempt when she says “Donald Trump.” It’s pathetic.

    O’Donnell hammers her again. “Just to button that up, “ (cute) she says, “You have fought for Medicare for all and that’s not something Joe Biden supports. If you become Vice President would you say to a President
    Biden, ‘We should really be pushing for Medicare For All, not a public option, that’s just not going to do it. That’s not my value.’”

    And again, Kamala Harris doesn’t answer the question, because Kamala
    Harris has no values. Kamala Harris doesn’t value anything but her own
    power and getting more of it.

    Now, right here, if Kamala Harris had a soul, if she had values, if she
    had pushed for Medicare For All, because she believes in Medicare for
    all, she would have been strong on that.

    My personal value here: Healthcare is a public good. A public option is
    stupid. It’s totally stupid. Medicare for all is great, we need to free people from the burden of exorbitant healthcare costs and the shackles
    that bind them to their employer. Kamala Harris should have stood up for Medicare for all and said, “I will fight for the American people. I will fight for what is right. I will do everything I can to get Joe Biden to
    see the light.”

    But she didn’t. Nah. She points her finger at O’Donnell, remember that? Finger pointing is part of anger. Harris says, “I would not have joined
    the ticket if I didn’t support … what Joe is proposing.” She had to stop there, that pause, because she completely forgot for a second what she’s supposed to be supporting right here. She doesn’t even know. Oh yeah,
    Joe. That’s right. Notice she didn’t say, “A public option.” She didn’t
    say, “I wouldn’t have joined the ticket if I didn’t support a public option.” That’s not what she said is it?

    No, she continues to deflect to Trump is a bad man who is trying to take healthcare from the American people. She’s trying to make us feel
    guilty. It’s a pity play. She’s throwing the pity card in there, “Don’t you have pity for all the people who won’t have healthcare anymore
    because of Donald Trump? He’s killed 200,000 Americans with a pandemic, he’s an evil monster, who doesn’t care about anyone.”

    But she’s lying. She’s been lying the entire interview. She’s been lying her entire career. She’s never cared about the American people, at all,
    ever. Why now? Why suddenly does she care about anyone but herself?

    She’s never told the truth. Why should we start believing her now?

    We shouldn’t, because she’s a cackling liar with no soul.


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