• The sailboat "Culminating Regatta"

    From a425couple@21:1/5 to All on Tue Sep 1 11:33:26 2020
    Sometimes, entire times change, and do not have a proper 'book marker'.
    I think this one worked out pretty well. For a long time, we have been
    having Grandchildren Elora (now 5 y.o.) and Bear (2 y.o.) at our house
    every Tuesday and Thursday. This summer one of our 'projects' was
    building the toy wooden sailboats. All were about 8' long, 3 1/2' wide,
    with keels to keep them upright. They involved wood working and
    patience with paint. Last week we had a perfect weather day, with a
    fairly regular breeze from the west. We all set out in the pedal boat
    to give our sailboats a decent start away from the windbreak of the
    dock, and set them off for our final big regatta! The "Yellow Boat" set
    off quite purposefully and went all the way east across the lake to far
    side lily pads. The red "Ellie Bell 2b" did well, trended more to the
    north, and went all the way across to far side cat tails. Sadly, the
    green "Bear Boat" took a right turn to go again to neighbor Ken
    Packard's waterfront. Oh, Well! Such is a sailboat race! But we had
    the big "Culminating Regatta"! And now this week Elora is in school for Kindergarten and patterns have changed.

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