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    Dear Amy: “Upset” wrote to you about her parents’ risky choices during the pandemic. They lived 3,000 miles away and seemed to be going out and meeting with friends, and she was extremely worried about them.

    I stayed away from my parents for the first three months of COVID-19,
    and so did my sister. My sister left our parents’ essential needs at
    their front door and then phoned them to let them know it was there.

    Finally, my dad phoned me and said: “Come on over. Your mother and I
    would rather die of COVID-19 than of loneliness.”

    At ages 91 and 87, I believe they have earned their right to choose.
    What do you think?

    Loving Child

    Dear Loving: I completely agree with you — and them. There are ways to mitigate the risk — to them and to you — and I hope you will all choose
    to be together, while maintaining your togetherness as safely as possible.

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