• Nearing Springtime in Lynnwood!

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    Nearing Springtime in Lynnwood!
    After unusually gray and wet winter months, we got a couple of dry
    sunny days. It was very nice. On Tuesday 18 Feb. I took the
    wonderful 2 grandchildren over to our 'Treasure Island'.
    Out the new gate, then carry the 2 year old Theo Bear over the fallen
    log, then come back and help 4 year old Elora balance. Then we spent
    about 45 minutes exploring the barely passable paths through the
    wilderness. They both said they liked it. That's very nice to hear.

    And the plants are starting to bud out. Until last summer our
    little 5 acre lake in Lynnwood was almost hidden to all. If
    you looked at the right spot, you could see about 50' of
    freeway traffic, or about 1/2 second as the cars and trucks
    peeked out as they passed through. Then last summer two serious
    clearing projects were done. The biggest for us was Sound Transit
    doing right-of-way clearing for light rail along the freeway.
    So they removed hundreds of evergreens that had been growing for
    55 years and more (we counted one as 145 years/rings old) along
    the side of the freeway and total removal also of the trees that
    had grown on numerous residences that ST bought and demolished.

    Also, a developer bought the 7 acres across the lake, tore down
    the 23 old and marginal residences there, almost totally clear-cut
    everything else, to greatly regrade and start building 44 new
    and fancy homes. Between the fall of leaves in the Fall, and
    those two projects, we were suddenly seeing a huge expanse of
    freeway congestion. When traffic is moving fast, we can watch
    a car or truck for 15 seconds. When it's jammed, a vehicle can
    be in sight for a minute. But now with the low deciduous trees
    starting to leaf out, and new houses being built, that should
    block some of the sights and sounds of the freeway. Life goes on.
    Perhaps this will ease a bit of the feelings of things lost.

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