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    Clinton campaign:
    It makes one wonder why something as simple as her not being
    well has to be lied about, covered up, spun, and then propagandized?
    A distraction from her 'deplorable' comments?
    Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, all those mainstream media
    types damning
    conspiracy-theorists over health concerns are now silenced.

    You are not going to cry when she is your next POTUS, are you?

    No, no cry. Just sad for the average USA citizen.

    My rental real estate empire will do just fine.

    You're a slum lord?

    #1 "dino" says "slum" !!!
    What a pejorative, demeaning, judgemential, class based
    word that this Hillary supporter uses!!
    If idiot Trump, or Romney had ever used the word "slum",
    "dino" and the other lefties would be climbing all over
    themselves criticising him. Shame on "dino" !

    #2 Here I had figured "dino" would give his usual
    'poor us picked upon vets' type response of
    'Bullshit. Everybody knows it's a fact those mortgage
    bankers would not give us Vietnam Vets a loan!'
    a425 found that they were quite willing to loan to a person
    who could make decisions and was willing to commit.

    You're a slum lord?

    #3 I have provided affordable housing for those who were not
    wanting the risks, trouble and commitment of buying a residence.

    When I got back from overseas and off active duty
    Seattle was in tough times. There were some billboards
    saying "Will the last person leaving Seattle please
    turn off the lights?" http://old.seattletimes.com/special/centennial/november/lights_out.html
    And the Federal Government (HUD) owned many
    thousands of properties and totally proved,
    even to themselves, that they were the WORST
    property managers EVER!!! Houses were sitting
    vacant, off the tax roles, deterioriating and being
    broken into and vandalized. HUD attempts to fix homes
    were quickly destroyed. HUD attempts to rent
    ended in grief for all.
    I determined that Boeing, the Univ. of Washington
    (especially Engr., Computer Sci. & Ceramics, & Biology) would
    lead a good long term economic recovery.
    And I WAS WILLING to bet heavy on it!

    The first and lowest cost house I bought was $7,500 cash for
    921 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112. It was big and had been
    used by neighborhood kids as a meeting house, but the
    bones had not been damaged!
    A partner, a fellow Marine, put in $7,500 for the improvements
    and another partner ramroded the project. At the end
    we sold it for $32,000. It's now worth $1,036,000.

    So "dino" do you call that "slum" ?

    Next, I bought a 2br, 1 bath + basement house in the
    4000 block of Fremont Ave N for $22,000 and lived
    in it until 1979. I kept it as a rental after that.
    It's now worth around $600,000.
    Does "dino" call that "slum" ?

    Next, I bought a 2br, 1 bath + basement house in the
    5400 block of 32nd Ave S for $22,500 and rented it out.
    It's now worth around $355,000.
    Does "dino" call that "slum" ?

    About the same time I bought a 2br, 1 bath + basement house
    in the 900 block of 21st Ave for $17,500 and rented it out.
    This was the house I would have least liked to live in.
    But, the conversations with tenants here gave me by best insight
    into governmential welfare mentality. Yes, they could have
    owned it cheaper than I could, and lived in it cheaper than
    renting from me, but they DID NOT want ownership.
    It's now worth around $462,000.
    Does "dino" call a house worth that a "slum" ?

    About that time fools elected Carter as POTUS,
    and I correctly predicted that him and the Dems
    in the House and Senate were going to make inflation
    ROAR!!! Inflation raises the value to houses,
    and reduces the true value of the debt, giving a
    double bonus to owning investment real estate.
    Sure enough, boom,,, 14% inflation.
    So almost any house that was $50,000 becomes worth $57,000,
    and it's mortgage of $40,000 becomes the equal of $34,400
    to repay.

    So in 1977 I bought a 3br 1 3/4 bath house in the
    3500 block of 105th NE for $60,000. I lived in it from
    1979 to 1986, then back to renting it out.
    It's now worth around $550,000.
    Does "dino" call that "slum" ?

    Then came a house in Bothell for $93,000.
    Now worth over $483,000.

    And one in Kenmore for $130,000.
    Now around $400,000.
    And another in Bothell for only $120,000.
    And a condo in Bothell for only $110,000.
    Oh, and along the way, 4 lots of vacant land.
    And more recently our retirement big house on a lake.

    Yeah, Jimmy Carter was a lousy POTUS,
    but he, and his Dems, sure helped me!
    I'm guessing Hillary will continue the trend.

    So, "dino" what predictions have you made,
    and had the courage to act on?

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