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    On 5/11/2019 12:11 AM, William Elliot wrote:
    16. Haircuts. The average haircut reportedly costs $28.30 in a
    barber shop. Many men pay a lot more. Nowadays, nearly a third
    prefer a salon. I pay $12 at my local barber. But I'm still annoyed:
    My hair is disappearing, but the price is inching up.

    I haven't been to a barber since childhood.
    At first I let my hair grow long and then
    I used a scissors. Soon, I found I didn't
    need a mirror, letting my fingers decide
    where to cut. Not only is it priceless, but
    it takes no time - no travel time to the barber,
    no waiting until you get a cut and while I'm cutting
    I can be reading. Also I can cut my hair whenever
    it feels it needs cutting instead of getting it cut
    sometime later at a clip joint. All this and no
    lousy comments or strange looks about my hair.

    OK then.

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