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    Contract & Promise

    In consideration of being married to me for over 25 years I wish
    to give & deliver to my wife Marie Fjellanger the entirety of my
    ownership of the house at 1724 147th Lynnwood Washington.

    Also, if events ever turn out, that Marie chooses to live at
    1724 147th, and leaves me/Lee living at 5718 Halls Lake Way
    without conflicts, obstructions, or any legal challenges, Lee
    will pay the entirety of the mortgage and included escrow
    payments (taxes & insurance) for as long as that situation

    If that separate living situation is still existing, and
    a mortgage still exists at 1724 147th when Lee Fjellanger
    passes away, The Lee Fjellanger Living Trust will deliver
    to Marie Fjellanger full ownership, title, and possession
    of the house at 5728 Halls Lake Way, Lynnwood WA.

    However, if the mortgage on the house at 1724 147th has
    been fully paid off, baring any other comprehensive
    property settlement of either a legal separation or
    divorce, then the Lee Fjellanger Living Trust will, in
    addition to giving full ownership and interest on 1724
    147th, also deliver to Marie an additional sum of $400,000.

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