• some thoughts 7-29 - after 1st counseling

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    some thoughts 7-29 - after 1st counseling

    Basic fact, my wife Marie is much more emotionally volatile and
    expressive than I am. She can be very pointed and angry at me,
    then later eat and sleep just fine. While I feel depressed
    and upset for a long time. In July 2018, she expressed her anger
    at me on at least 10 days. This can not continue much longer.

    She herself, has self identified to friends as being an
    "Alfa Bitch".

    The core of the disagreement is that my current estate plan will
    after my passing, leave Marie with 2 1/2 million dollars. She
    complains that that is not enough for her and she NEEDS the
    additional $600,000 or so I have currently chosen to leave to be
    equally split between our 4 good children. That intention
    causes her great anger and jealously. She says she has talked
    to an attorney, about divorce and property settlement. Yet
    she wants me to first make all properties community property
    to share equally with her.

    Marie has been talking of her disagreements and angers with me
    to her daughter, her sister, her brother, her mother, our exercise
    instructor, and one of our mutual friends. Now, we have both said
    things to our counselor / therapist. All of her friends and
    advisors can choose to do as they wish, but I guarantee that
    if Marie is encouraged to, or chooses to continue in this hostile
    situation, things will change. She will not receive near 2 1/2 M.

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