• Some current thoughts 7-13-18

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    Some current thoughts - as of 7-13

    I. Probably after this counseling session was scheduled,
    on 7 July, Marie says she has talked to a divorce attorney and
    they discussed property settlements and community property.

    Seems like when things have gone so far, for her to do this,
    it is a real tough road to go, to come back to a
    loving caring relationship.

    M demands that nothing less than full equal division of
    property - make everything owned, into community property
    will do. Now. Seems like if I do that, then later
    I have to talk to a divorce attorney, he will tell me
    my making things community property was crazy.

    2. Even if I give her full shared property, and everything
    in the will, she has maintained that I still should never
    visit with my 3 oldest children. That that is being
    disloyal to her since they do not want to meet her anymore.
    (on 13 July, she somewhat backed off this part.)

    3. In 1992 when Trust created, I had 3 children, and
    owned 4 houses in Seattle and Bothell. The Trust was
    dedicated to help them. My oldest Eric was 14, so 4 more
    years in the house, Tracy was 12, so 6. Now, they
    need nothing, but would like my time.

    4. By the current Trust, Marie will be left with 2 1/2
    million dollars. But because (it was @ $550,000 now
    perhaps 800,000) being left to EQUALLY 4 children,
    this emotionally hurts her. She has at times urged I
    give to a charity, & said she OK with that. Perhaps.
    But absolutely livid at my oldest kids getting anything,
    even if equal to her daughter.

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