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    On 10/28/23 08:34, Baxter wrote:

    Meanwhile, Baxter a while back on a different subject,
    you posted that there was nothing in Egypt that showed
    Jewish people were ever there.

    That is very false.
    For starters, very simply, Joseph or Yussef is clearly not
    an Egyptian name. It is Jewish and Asiatic.
    But for thousands of years Egyptians have called the
    canal that reduced flooding by diverting water to
    Lake Moeris, Bahr Yussef.


    Plenty of Jewish corpses have been found where the
    were buried in Ancient Egypt.

    Plenty of statues made in Ancient Egypt have
    Asiatic / Jewish hair.

    How about the The Merneptah Stele, also known as the Israel Stele.
    Typical Ancient Near East trash talking.
    "Israel is laid waste—its seed is no more"


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