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    (Best to go to the citation to see the charts.)

    Visualizing $156 Trillion in U.S. Assets, by Generation
    Published 2 days ago on August 17, 2023
    By Marcus Lu
    Joyce Ma
    Visualizing U.S. Wealth by Generation - Assets

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    Visualizing U.S. Wealth by Generation
    The distribution of wealth is an important measure of the economic power
    of each generation.

    In the U.S., for example, baby boomers own half of the nation’s $156
    trillion in assets despite making up 21% of the country’s population.

    To learn more about U.S. wealth by generation, we’ve created two visualizations using Q4 2022 data from the Federal Reserve that break
    down both the assets and liabilities held by each American generation.

    Assets by Generation
    Assets by generation are listed in the table below. All figures are as
    of Q4 2022 and in USD trillions.

    Generation Equities &
    Mutual Funds Real
    Estate Pensions Private
    Businesses Durable and
    Other Assets Generation's Total
    Silent Generation $5.3 $4.8 $2.0 $1.7 $4.9 $18.6
    Baby Boomers $19.0 $18.3 $16.2 $7.9 $16.7 $78.1
    Generation X $8.8 $13.6 $9.5 $6.0 $8.1 $46.0
    Millennials $0.8 $5.0 $2.5 $1.4 $3.6 $13.3
    Totals $33.8 $41.8 $30.1 $17.1 $33.3 $156.0
    Baby boomers’ biggest category of assets is Equities & Mutual Funds,
    where they own 56% of the national total. Millennials, on the other
    hand, represent just 2%.

    Where millennials do have more wealth is Real Estate, with 12% of the
    national total. This suggests that millennials have, for the most part, foregone investing in financial assets in order to purchase a home.

    Liabilities by Generation
    The following charts show a breakdown of liabilities by generation. Not surprisingly, Mortgages make up the largest component of liabilities for
    all generations.

    US Liabilities by Generation

    Something to highlight is that millennials are carrying the largest
    amount of Consumer Credit, at $2 trillion (representing about 43% of
    total consumer credit). As of 2022, millennials accounted for 22% of the
    U.S. population.

    U.S. Wealth by Generation
    Finally, we subtract liabilities from assets to arrive at total wealth
    by generation in the United States. Figures again are USD and in trillions.

    Generation Assets Liabilities Wealth Share of Wealth
    Silent Generation $18.6 $0.8 $17.8 13%
    Baby Boomers $78.1 $5.1 $73.0 53%
    Generation X $46.0 $7.0 $39.0 28%
    Millennials $13.3 $5.5 $7.8 6%
    Totals $156.0 $18.4 $137.6 100%

    As a final note, it’s worth highlighting that Gen Z is still too young
    to be included as a separate demographic in datasets like these. Born
    between 1997 and 2012, these individuals are currently between 11 and 26
    years old. Interestingly, the Federal Reserve currently considers all
    U.S. adults born after 1981 as millennials.

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