• Bill Hewlett, got a surprise call from kid Steve Jobs

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    What are some curious facts from history that most people don't know yet?
    Bill Hewlett, one of the founders of the technology company HP (Hewlett-Packard).

    In 1967, as CEO of HP, he got a call from someone he didn't know. A 12
    year old boy was calling him asking for some parts to build a frequency counter, he had found the Hewlett number in the directory.

    After the surprise happened to him, Hewlett was impressed and gave him
    the parts, also offered him a summer internship on his company's
    production line.

    That summer, 12-year-old Steve Jobs went to work assembling nuts and
    bolts on HP production lines. Jobs gained a lot of experience and some background from Apple Inc. started to be formed.

    The rest is history.

    “I realized one thing, most people don't have experiences because they
    never ask,” Jobs said. "I've never met anyone, that if I asked for help,
    he wouldn't want to help me."

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    Mehmet Köse
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    Mehmet Köse
    · Tue
    Steve Wozniak is the computing genius. Jobs was damn good at marketing.

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    Jeff Dege
    · Tue
    Of the two, Woz was clearly the better engineer. But Jobs wasn't
    entirely inept.

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    Stuart Clark
    · Tue
    “ damn good at Marketing “ is a very understated way of saying Best Salesman in History.

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    Luke Hatherton
    · Tue
    That’s a very high bar. You’d be contending with Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Edison, Tesla…the people who turned the USA from an
    agricultural to an industrial power in 100 years.

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    Honorary Consul
    · 18h
    Surely, that was down to Hitler

    Romeo Salau
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    Sandra Garland
    · Tue
    Great quote from Jobs but from what I’ve read about him; looking in the mirror would have proven his own statement wrong as he hardly ever
    helped anyone.

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