• Dear Josie 4-19-21

    From a425couple@21:1/5 to All on Mon Apr 19 14:13:10 2021
    Dear Josie,
    It is always so wonderful when we get a letter from you.
    I am sorry that I have been lazy and procrastinated writing
    a response.

    Is your "DanDee" still chirping?

    I heard you went to San Diego California recently and
    played in the water on a beach. Did you see any seagulls?
    Do you see seagulls around your home in Phoenix?
    We quite often see a seagull land and sit in our lake.

    Nicer weather is finally here. I saw a hummingbird with
    a lot of pink on him recently. Then the next day I saw one
    that seemed to have a lot of green on him. They did not
    stick around long for me to study or examine the colors!

    We have an new dog that is named Bilbo. He is cute and
    very playful. He has a huge amount of long hair. He runs
    and leaps a lot, and looks like a tiny dog that just stole
    a big bear fur coat! He really likes for me to take him for
    a little walk in the mornings. The other day we saw a
    seagull sitting on the neighbor's chimney. Why would he do that?
    Then we heard a real racket. It was a wood pecker beating
    on a metal street sign. Why would he do that? Ask your mother
    to Google the question, "Why would a wood pecker beat on
    a metal sign?"

    This morning after our walk, we got back home, and he
    decided to show he had learned a lesson from his big
    sister Pook-a-Boo. There were two boy mallard ducks on
    our dock! Bilbo barked and yapped at them until they
    jumped off into the lake. Then I looked up and saw
    a red winged blackbird in our tree. This morning I also
    saw a green heron land in the tree.

    What new birds have you seen?

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