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    What do you think of Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview?

    (Well, what did you expect when a British prince married a
    divorced American well skilled and experienced in drama?)

    Meghan Markle sure knows how to blow up a bridge. Harry can never go
    back to the U.K.; he’s a California boy now, and might as well apply for
    his U.S. green card.

    I think the interview, and her remarkable performance, was well received
    in the United States. (Hillary Clinton has leaped to the couple’s
    defense and slammed the royal family, for instance.) Americans are
    predisposed to think of the British royal family as a bunch of cold,
    unfeeling, stuffed shirts, unprepared to accept or help a wide-eyed
    American newcomer. Add the race card and the victimhood card, and you’re
    got a full house. No amount of explaining the facts (such as, sorry, the
    rules say little Archie doesn’t get to be a prince until his
    Great-Grandma dies) can overcome the natural sympathy of the U.S.
    audience for one of our own.

    The British audience is another story, of course, and I take it many
    folks over there are aghast at the whole thing, while others blame the
    royal family. But Meghan launched a full retaliatory strike and there’s
    not much the Brits or the royal family can do about it.

    The question, in my mind, is, what’s next? What kind of second act could Harry and Meghan perform? It sure sounded like they let all the scandal
    out in the Oprah interview. It’s hard to imagine another bravura
    performance like this anytime soon.

    So now they have to actually get to work and try to deliver on their
    exclusive deal with Netflix. They are supposed to produce
    “documentaries, feature films, scripted television shows and children’s series,” according to Variety, and that is a tremendous amount of work.
    So is the podcast deal. I assume they don’t get a penny until they
    deliver the goods. In the meantime, they are paying on a staggering $10
    million mortgage on their fancy house. Money tends to disappear quickly
    under those circumstances.

    Bridges to the royal family may not be the only thing Meghan destroyed.
    The independent life they desired and demanded may also be in jeopardy.

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