• Christmas ltr 2020

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    December 2020

    Dear Friends,

    In December 2019 we got our Christmas cards done, then went down to
    Florida to visit Marie's mother, sister, and others in the Tampa Bay
    area. Good visiting, that included cousin Jay and Lorraine Jacobson.

    After getting home we were really looking forward to a mid-summer
    50th Marine Corps Officers Reunion and visit to Quantico and Washington
    D.C., as well as some sports car races. Gradually, the new pandemic
    reality set in, almost all our planned activities were cancelled. We
    even lost our Spin exercise class.

    One recent success has been selling used race cars. In 2020 I
    sold the Diasio D962 (I sold the Stohr WF-1 and the Elden F3 earlier).

    For an early Christmas present, we added a new puppy to our family, a
    Havanese named Bilbo Waggins.

    For us, and probably for most, the highlights for 2020 seemed a bit
    diminished. But we are getting by, visiting weekly with two loving grandchildren, Elora and Bear, enjoying small things, and looking
    forward to a great 2021.

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