• KWills and Gender being immutable

    From DeAnna Gray@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jan 15 14:04:19 2022

    Human reproduction is immutable. Although humans can be reproduced in a petri dish in modern society, it does require sperm and an egg. Gender is, arguably, mutable and historically confusing. Even in modern language we use phrases such as "you can't
    ignore the writing on the wall" as a means to solidify what we know is true. When, however, historical writing (cuneform) is covered up and even destroyed (Temple of Innanna, Urek, Iraq) ignorance prevails. Since the earliest civilizations were formed
    there were symbols and etchings that represented the gender bending people among that society. Hermaphrodites have been treated as rare creatures that embodied the incarnate representations of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Transgender
    people have ruled societies long before you arose to share your intellectual flatulence. Furthermore, if you dive deep into the books of the law respected in academic Islamic circles (Fajiq, Hadith) or consulted with experts in Native American literature,
    you would find that many peoples across the world have believed that souls are sometimes born into the wrong body. Everything you have been fed has been a way to make ignorant white men feel better about their inability and total lack of true
    understanding. ;

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