• Joy Behar's groveling after repeatedly misgendering Caitlyn Jenner fall

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    The View’s Joy Behar stumbled and repeatedly misgendered Caitlyn Jenner
    on Friday’s show as they were discussing her bid for governor of
    California. She later went on to apologize for her mistake.

    “He’s got this guy Brad Parscale running his campaign. What do you
    think about that? I mean that guy was accused of using campaign funds
    to enrich himself,” Behar remarked and then asked Sunny Hostin what her thoughts on Jenner’s campaign were. “That’s who is running his
    campaign, or her campaign, rather.” Jenner transitioned to a woman in

    Behar went on to make the same mistake later in the segment after
    Meghan McCain spoke on the issue of Jenner’s gubernatorial run. McCain
    and Hostin both were in agreement that “she’s woefully unprepared to
    run for governor and to run anything.”

    Both Ana Navarro and Sara Haines were supportive of the former Olympian athlete’s bid, even though they panned her on political issues just as
    the other co-hosts did. Jenner has supported both Ted Cruz and former
    President Trump in the past. She is taking a strong stance against
    Gavin Newsom’s draconian COVID-19 lockdowns.


    “I don’t take it that seriously, maybe I should,” McCain quipped. “I
    don’t think she’s going to win and I’m not saying that to be rude or
    negative. I agree with Sunny, I don’t think this is the type of thing
    that should have on-the-job training. California is a mess.” She
    pointed out that she had a lot of friends in California and they were
    either leaving or were in a state of shock over issues such as rampant homelessness in the state.

    “Right, I would go along with that,” Behar declared. “I think that he
    should — she, rather, should take a seat and let somebody with the
    credentials take over a major state like California.”

    Behar later apologized for her goof, adding, “but, whatever, it just
    came out so I’m sorry if anybody was upset by that.”

    “So first of all let me apologize for my pronoun mix-up,” she stated
    after the commercial break. “I think I just didn’t get enough sleep
    last night. I had no intention of mixing them up and I tried to correct
    it immediately but, whatever, it just came out so I’m sorry if anybody
    was upset by that.”

    That wasn’t a sufficient excuse for some viewers who blasted Behar’s
    comments as “disgusting and uncalled for.” Others accused her of being “anti-transgender” and demanded that ABC fire her.

    Behar also apologized for other comments she made on Friday’s show. At
    the beginning of the broadcast, she introduced a segment highlighting a
    parent who demanded a Georgia school board end its mask mandate for
    young children by stating that the mother was “bitching about it.”

    Co-host Meghan McCain objected to Behar’s attack on the mother and
    Behar sort of apologized for it: “Maybe I shouldn’t have said she was ‘bitching,’” she agreed. “I apologize. It just slipped out.”

    Behar was ripped on social media for her mistake concerning Jenner:

    Yashar Ali ??
    Joy Behar misgendered Caitlyn Jenner at least four times on
    the View this morning.

    Caitlyn transitioned over six years ago.

    I don't know why Joy misgendered her but it's an important
    reminder that we don't misgender people even if we don't
    like their politics.

    Carol Vicic
    Not good enough. Fire Big Mouth Joy Behar @theview @abc off
    the air. Behar is anti transgender.

    Jill Kelley Mann
    Disgusting and uncalled for! @JoyBehar get your act together,
    come on!

    Emily Zanotti
    The only person I’ve seen misgendering Caitlyn Jenner today
    is Joy Behar so I guess this is true
    Brad Polumbo ?????? ??????
    If your first instinct is to call Caitlyn Jenner
    a man or attack Caitlyn for being transgender, rather
    than talk about the substance of her campaign or
    policy ideas, you're telling on yourself and revealing
    your bias.

    India Willoughby
    Interesting that host Joy Behar misgendered #Caitlyn Jenner
    FOUR TIMES on @TheView this morning. Is she going to lose her
    job ala Sharon Osbourne on @TheTalkCBS? @piersmorgan

    Trump won.

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