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    pandora <pandora@peak.org> wrote:

    On Tue, 21 Dec 2021 15:31:02 -0700, Skeeter wrote:

    On Tue, 21 Dec 2021 22:27:58 -0000 (UTC), Nadegda
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    Time to trigger the right-wing snowflakes again. Melt,
    snowflakes, melt!
    On Tue, 21 Dec 2021 14:45:19 -0600, pandora wrote:

    Maybe we should abolish ALL gender specific sports.

    That's the first sensible thing you've said on this topic. I
    suggest replacing gender-based segregation with weight classes
    or some similar thing, adapted appropriately for each sport of
    course, to group players of similar capabilities, independently
    of what they might or might not happen to have dangling between
    their legs.

    Now I know you're just trolling. No one is that stupid.

    Perhaps Nads is transgender and that's why this is so important to
    him/ her?

    Nadless being dickless too could explain his bizarre behavior.

    Not ALL dickless persons are as crazy as nads.

    Granted; I mean those who actually (or in fantasy) amputate their
    procreative parts. That inevitably leads to delusion and disdain.

    Leads to splats on sidewalks because Drs can't put the parts back when the dickless come to their senses.

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