• More and more trannys are competing in high school sports, a troubling

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    More and more dickless men are competing in high school sports.

    Even though USA Powerlifting has banned all transgender women from competing
    as women, powerlifter JayCee Cooper, a Minnesotan, recently won a state championship with the U.S. Powerlifting Association, setting a state record. While there’s no need to single out or vilify Cooper, the insistence of the transgender community to play sports as the gender with which they identify, even when it provides unfair advantages to transgender women, is a troubling trend.

    In an e-mail to Cooper about the transgender ban, USA Powerlifting
    Therapeutic Use Exemptions Committee Chairman Kristopher Hunt clearly identified logical, rational reasoning for the ban: “Male-to-female transgenders are not allowed to compete as females in our static strength sports as it is a direct competitive advantage.” A follow-up email read in part, “ Transgender male to female individuals having gone through male puberty confer an unfair competitive advantage over non-transgender women
    due to increased bone density and muscle mass from pubertal exposure to testosterone.”

    This makes perfect sense and follows with not only what can be observed or known innately, but with what science tells us about biology. What’s more, ironically, when transgender people explain the process of transitioning,
    they actively participate in receiving the hormones or the surgery they need
    to “become” the opposite gender — so they too recognize its grave importance. Yet, when it comes to sports, so many transgender people claim there’s nothing impartial or unfair about what they’re doing.

    There is at least one LGBTQ organization, Athlete Ally, which is actively advocating for transgender kids who want to play on sports teams of their
    new gender. Specifically, they are pushing for the rights of male-born
    athletes to compete in female competitions, despite the obvious evidence
    that training with testosterone offers an unfair advantage against women
    with mostly progesterone and estrogen pumping through their bodies.

    In the case of Cooper, Rep. IIhan Omar, D-Minn., is even going to bat for
    the cause.

    Organizations like the U.K.-based Fair Play for Women are pushing back and asking simply for fairness in the arena of sports — that whether or not a
    man or woman has transitioned, they continue to play with their biologically born gender.

    This trend will ultimately hurt high school and college sports, but the most harmful aspect is the fact that some are willing to suspend belief about
    basic biology and fairness to help advocate for a cause that defies reality.
    At the very least, transgender athletes like Cooper and allies should be intellectually honest about the advantages that transitioning offers to transgender women. The over-the-top willingness to ignore biology when it matters, yet push for biological recognition in something like sports, shows
    an entire LGBTQ lobby willing to gaslight the rest of us to further their ideology.



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