• Irrefutable proof /r/detrans is a hate site

    From Scientific (she/her)@21:1/5 to All on Wed Oct 27 18:05:00 2021
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    I took a deeper dive into one of the World Wide Web's darkest places
    that is /r/detrans and found this:


    "Subreddit survey update!"

    This slide alone proves that /r/detrans is a TERF-run community:


    No wonder TERFs (also known as Gender Critical) are 50% of this
    community. The wording of the question alone reveals the true nature of
    the subreddit.
    There is no verifiable evidence that gender dysphoria can be treated in
    other ways than transitioning. None whatsoever.
    Gender identity becomes unchangeable by age 4, something transphobes
    fail to understand.
    Scaring trans people away from transitioning and repressing their
    identities *IS* conversion therapy.

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