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    Your life is more important than your feelings getting hurt — that’s the message one healthcare professional is trying to send everyone. According to Imgur user oldfishnewfish, it’s very important to tell medical staff your biological sex even if the question ‘triggers’ you. Your life depends on
    giving the right answer.

    Oldfishnewfish posted a long and winding rant online that explains exactly
    how much correct treatment and diagnosis can depend on whether you’re a man
    or a woman due to biological differences. The detailed scientific explanation went viral. It was viewed over 120,000 times and got more than 4,200 upvotes.

    The inspiration for oldfishnewfish’s rant struck after they had an aggressive patient who was ‘triggered’ by questions about their biological sex. These questions were necessary to do a thorough health check-up, and were not intended to make anyone feel threatened or unwanted.

    According to the healthcare professional, knowing whether a person is born
    male or female is absolutely necessary: people who get overly defensive or openly aggressive are hurting not only themselves but also those trying to
    help them.

    Most Imgur users supported oldfishnewfish’s viewpoint. Among those commenting were transgender people who highlighted that they too believe it’s important
    to immediately tell doctors your biological sex.

    However, revealing their biological sex is very difficult for some people. Especially when the gender they identify with doesn’t match the sex they were born as. According to Head to Health, “many transgender people hide their gender expression in public for fear of negative reactions, violence or discrimination.” Head to Health also notes that “transgender people
    experience high rates of physical and non-physical abuse,” which helps
    explain why far from everyone is happy when faced with questions about their sex.

    Oldfishnewfish stated that it’s important to respect patients if their gender doesn’t match their sex: "I need to know if you’re a male or female. I need
    to know if you’re susceptible to certain diseases or ailments, how your symptoms may be derived from those diseases or ailments, and most
    importantly, how to treat those diseases or ailments," oldfishnewfish explained.



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