• Reddit's r/detrans is really a rostrum for transphobic propaganda

    From Scientific (she/her)@21:1/5 to All on Thu Sep 9 21:22:00 2021
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    As I publish it online, I would want say to everyone that I support detransitioners like any smart trans person does, but not this
    transphobic propaganda.

    If you look at the newest posts: https://old.reddit.com/r/detrans/new/,
    you can see that the most upvoted posts are generally full of
    transphobic shit. Even titles sometimes speak for themselvse, and if you
    look at comments, there is a high chance you will see several
    transphobic propaganda comments.

    Generally saying, a large amount of the post are about people just
    looking for support, but that doesn't change the fact that most of the subreddit's population is actually consisted from bigots.

    If you are easily triggered by transphobic propaganda, please *stop*
    reading *right* now and *don't* visit any of the links below.

    For obvious reasons, I'm going to ROT13 the stuff after this line. To
    decrypt it, just run ROT13 again on this post.

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    There is no verifiable evidence that gender dysphoria can be treated in
    other ways than transitioning. None whatsoever.
    Gender-affirmative trans care *requires* therapy. That is, unless you go
    the informed consent route, which you can always refuse to.
    Scaring trans people away from transitioning and repressing their
    identities *IS* conversion therapy.

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