• /r/detrans is a dumpster fire

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    That's how horrible World Wide Web can be.

    Some idiot has created "Time to refute some pseudoscience" post and
    provided link to cherry picked studies (which themselves prove the
    poster wrong).

    (Warning! Anti-trans propaganda inside!)


    Results are mixed but indicate that you do not have the brain of the
    sex you transition into prior HRT, only subtle differences


    Look at that:

    To examine whether there are signs of a sex-atypical brain
    development in GD, we quantified regional neural gray matter (GM)
    volumes in 55 female-to-male and 38 male-to-female adolescents, 44 boys
    and 52 girls without GD and applied both univariate and multivariate
    analyses. In girls, more GM volume was observed in the left superior
    medial frontal cortex, while boys had more volume in the bilateral
    superior posterior hemispheres of the cerebellum and the hypothalamus. Regarding the GD groups, at whole-brain level they differed only from individuals sharing their gender identity but not from their natal sex.

    Scientific scores!

    Another point:

    Twin studies

    Being transgender is less genetic than owning a dog


    From the link:

    Combining data from the present survey with those from past-published
    reports, 20% of all male and female monozygotic twin pairs were found concordant for transsexual identity.

    Being transgender might be less genetic than owning a dog, but other
    biological factors are important as well.

    Forced transition studies

    About 40% will be able to adapt to live as a female and will identify
    as such


    That's a study of intersex individuals and with which gender they had identitfied. There is nothing about forced transition in this study.
    This is a completely different study.

    Of 73 patients with disordered sexual differentiation and a
    Y-chromosome, 60 were reared female 26 of the 60 (43%) declared female
    identity while 32 (53%) declared male identity including 18 (55%) with
    cloacal exstrophy, six (55%) with MGD, four (40%) with pAIS, one (50%)
    with aphallia, one (100%) with hermaphroditism, and two (67%) with
    craniofacial anomalies; two (3%) declined to discuss identity.

    Let people be themselves. You are very stupid.

    There is no verifiable evidence that gender dysphoria can be treated in
    other ways than transitioning. None whatsoever.
    Gender-affirmative trans care *requires* therapy. That is, unless you go
    the informed consent route, which you can always refuse to.
    Scaring trans people away from transitioning and repressing their
    identities *IS* conversion therapy.

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