• I was right - alternative treatments for gender dysphoria == bullshit

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    I have asked r/detrans whether there is evidence for efficiency of
    alternative treatments for gender dysphoria.

    I wasn't surprised - knowing how much of a hellhole this subreddit is,
    it got taken down by moderators quickly.


    The message written by me:
    I see so many people claiming that there are alternative treatments for gender dysphoria, yet there is no scientific evidence that they are effective. Nobody wants to even disclose them.

    Is anybody able to give such evidence? Otherwise, it's all snake oil.

    They know alternative treatments for gender dysphoria is bullshit spread
    by transphobic media and while it is still possible to cope without transitioning to some degree, it will still bite you until you
    transition. Even transitioning won't get rid of gender dysphoria - it
    will lessen its occurence. I'm myself transgender and can confirm,
    science was right that transition is effective. There is nothing wrong
    with expressing yourself the authentic way.

    If you are, nevertheless still interested, you can buy this e-book if
    you have a Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Jedi-Mindtrick-Your-Gender-Dysphoria-ebook/dp/B01KPT0LC2 --
    There is no verifiable evidence that gender dysphoria can be treated in
    other ways than transitioning. None whatsoever.
    Gender-affirmative trans care *requires* therapy. That is, unless you go
    the informed consent route, which you can always refuse to.
    Scaring trans people away from transitioning and repressing their
    identities *IS* conversion therapy.

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