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    On 10/26/2017 12:33 PM, kellis@dhp.com wrote:
    Y Lee Coyote <See.signature.line@mail.com> POSTED:
    YES! assd is a discussion group and NOT for stories.

    Well, there's one objection. Any others?

    ... Silence is not rejection because the system is not

    Silence? I post to ASSTR via email. The email bounced.

    Would you care to recommend another non-binary newsgroup where
    you would be pleased to see stories published?

    I know a place where you can post your stories!


    Only a couple of us are currently 'active',
    and I am quite certain we all would be happy
    to see your stories, even if they are not
    directly bdsm.
    We would welcome all, but your interest in
    'cheating' and 'aliens' is especially close
    in my opinion!

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