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    From Brian G@21:1/5 to All on Mon Feb 27 11:25:02 2017
    I'm rather at a loss and have been for years about what place death has in erotic literature. Hanging is a common theme, and I guess it is well known
    that lack of oxygen can change brain activity, or cease it of course.
    As I say its far too risky. I know there are dire warnings in all such stories, but from the constant stream of accidents I hear about it seems to fall on deaf ears.

    The sort of things that turn me on, and as with many they are totally
    different quite often to others, tend to be taking place in a universe
    where even severe pain is fixable, no permanent injuries etc, and yet death
    is still not arousing as such.
    its more about endurance, against the odds success and being able to obey
    even though you know it will be at least slightly over your limits at times.
    Being a switch I can appreciate stories both ways but it must be between
    man and woman. I don't seem to have any part of me aroused by the gay side
    of these pursuits.

    I have met women who have similar fantasies but my reality is perhaps less extreme than they would expect from my stories and fantasies. I don't mix
    one with another, though can play with the same themes of pointless tasks
    that get harder. I suspect this is the same thrill people get from gambling
    but I never have been into that.

    I do like restraint for its own sake though and wish I had better knot tying skills.

    It is indeed a very varied world, but I often think that much of what we do
    and fanticise about is a bit like when we are kids and play. we role play
    and maybe together with the sexual angle its a way to get back to a simpler age.
    Interesting though. Not had much real life of late, but it seems younger
    women like older men so who knows, never say never.


    Mildew_spores@blueyonder.co.uk is the alter ego of
    Brian G.
    Please note I am not a sexual predator or an axe murderer,
    and despite some of the fantasies I may write,
    I am only interested in consensual activities
    and role playing, so please no insults,
    as they will be ignored!:-)

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