• long-term BDSM relationships

    From Brian G@21:1/5 to Karl Kleinpaste on Mon Feb 27 11:01:26 2017
    I do hope so as I've viewed some of the web sits and found them tortuous, in the wrong sort of way for blind users. Its all point and click so anyone
    using keyboards only is instantly at t a disadvantage, but on here, text
    based it may well be but its easy to read and reply to. Occasional wars over top and bottom posting big or no quotes are debated by the pedants, but
    when It works it works fine. In the main, binary groups are pretty pointless these days since cloud systems were used directly from desktop apps and one
    can always disguise the content if one wishes.

    I have no need of pictures any more, but then I'm not in a relationship



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    On 02/19/2017 09:01 PM, pyrategrrl wrote:
    I am amused at how much it's exisitence keeps showing up as a recurring
    thread in my life.

    Yes, I consider that Usenet was violently assaulted and left for dead by
    the rise of web forums -- most of the providers of which have precious
    little understanding for how many problems were solved by Usenet decades before, and keep re-inventing things we had long figured out -- but now
    and then it seems the victim wakes up from its coma ever so briefly and
    I wonder if it will become genuinely relevant again.

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