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    DAMIEN has posted stories dealing with breath control, hanging and
    snuff. Among these are stories of his own and stories by other writers.

    A Hell of an Evening Out 23K, ASSM-2003/42121 (RP)

    Ali's First Time 31K, ASSM-2003/43116 (RP)

    Ambivalent 17K, ASSM-2003/41392

    An Entertainment 13K, ASSM-2003/42243

    Carol and John on the Couch 10K, ASSM-2003/42823 (RP)

    Crazed Man 14K, ASSM-2003/41626 (RP)

    Curtain 6K, ASSM-2003/42731

    Do You Want to Try? 9K, ASSM-2003/42379 (RP)

    Getting an Adjustment 6K, ASSM-2003/43723 (RP)

    Hair Crisis 29K, ASSM-2003/41781 (RP)

    Hearts 7K, ASSM-2003/43356 (RP)

    How to Handle Her 15K, ASSM-2003/41517 (RP)

    Li Chang Hangs 12K, ASSM-2003/43560

    La pendaison de Li Chang _french_ ASSM-2004/48427

    transl. by --> Sala de Espera

    Second Time 11K, ASSM-2003/41092 (RP)

    Submission 9K, ASSM-2003/41162

    The Best Ever 11K, ASSM-2003/40842 (RP)

    The Chinese Watch 24K, ASSM-2003/42931 (RP)

    The Maid 9K, ASSM-2003/41000 (RP)

    The Next Act 9K, ASSM-2003/41928 (RP)

    The President's Mistress 16K, ASSM-2003/41255 (RP)

    Twelve Faithless Maids 24K, ASSM-2003/43438

    Uwe and the River 14K, ASSM-2003/43236

    Vietnam 1968 22K, ASSM-2003/40709 (RP)

    Waiting 6K, ASSM-2003/42508

    You Do The Crime,

    You Do the Time 17K, ASSM-2003/43014 (RP)

    You May .... the Bride 14K, ASSM-2003/42611

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