• male pig for kidnapped and torture eventual snuff

    From Sam Alex@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 22 19:35:28 2020
    male pig for snuff. kidnapped and tortured..completely disappeared from society ,, extreme slavery for years months days ,,your choice. no limits enforced and no hope of return or escape ..call 613-431-8114 for my address and how you can come and get me ,
    ,i will leave my door unlocked while i wait. pain pig slave for man or woman or couple or group or organization. anyone who can make it happen.,,can sissify me and rent me for torture and rape,, cut me up slowly little by little. make me regret every
    second of it. make me your full toilet,,make me eat worms. just take away my human life and make me a thing, no more decisions no more choice. another email i can be reached at is your_pig_meat_slave@yahoo.com or taznasty@hotmail.com . wickr id is

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