• Garage Girl,by Shasta F/beast, (3/3)

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    soon I'm sucking the jizz right out of him again.

    He just keeps his dick in my mouth and whines away, his
    whole body just trembling. Finally I let him go and he
    gets down and stumbles away stiff legged. He won't be
    back tonight. Speedy is getting ready to hose my ass so
    I arch for him and he fills my belly full. After a
    minute or two he's ready to turn and I get him down and
    release the wheels. Speedy is frantic and he yanks me
    all around the garage, he keeps trying to turn and lick
    my face which causes his dick to really stretch the
    inside of my butt.

    I tighten up the wheels until his pulling just moves me
    a few inches. This puts big pressure as he pulls and
    I'm coming again. He doesn't last as long tied up to me
    this time, because my ass is so pliable. I've never in
    my life had my ass gone after like this. Two good size
    dog dicks and a dumbbell. My ass feels great. It's
    becoming a fucking machine. Speedy gives a good hard
    tug and yanks his dick out of my ass and a slurry of
    dog come dribbles out of my loose sphincter. I just
    flop there on the bench with my nipples clamped. I can
    hear the dogs outside and they sound happy.

    Just then big mutt comes back through the door, walks
    over to me and without a lick is up on my back. With a
    little help from me his dick finds my ass and we're off
    again. It's pretty sloppy but he saws his pole in and
    out of me anyway. He stays standing on my back as he
    humps, like some proud conqueror of the human bitch,
    but it's true, he's turned me into a dog slut in one
    week. He gives me about twenty strokes of his dick and
    comes in me, adding to the all the dog jizz already in
    my ass.

    Standing on my back he can't get his knot in me and I
    don't think he wanted to, he just wanted me to know my
    ass was his if and when he wanted it. After his last
    gush of come, he hops down, gives my asshole a couple
    good hard licks and heads for the door, not even
    looking back. I'm done for tonight. I slide myself on
    my new little fuck bench over to door and lock it shut.
    I pull the clamps off my tits and push myself up off
    the bench, I stand there rubbing my nipples while dog
    come drips out of me onto the floor.

    I feel so satisfied and my ass and pussy are just warm
    and happy. I head to the kitchen for some dinner. Out
    by the woods I see a couple of the dogs romping around.
    They're happy, and why shouldn't they be, they all just
    got laid, some twice, and they know anytime they want
    more I'll be there for them bent over my dog bench. Not
    a bad life for a dog.

    As I eat a huge meal I start adding up in my head how
    much cash I can get from my investments. Tomorrow I'm
    going to look for kennels for sale, I need my own hand
    picked stable of studs so I can have as many as I want
    as often as I want. Just the thought of 10 or 12 of my
    hand picked stud dogs lining up to fuck my holes
    whenever they want me makes me wet.

    As it happens, I didn't have to wait long for my dream
    to come true, or at least part of it.


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    This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
    does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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