• "Randy 'The Surfer' Hangs Ten With Rikki"

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    But you can not keep a hard kid like Randy down for long.
    Times were different, heck, could the movie with the
    young prostitute "Pretty Woman" get made today??


    Chapter 3 "Randy 'The Surfer' Hangs Ten With Rikki"

    Rikki - My wife. She was 13 years old at the time of this event
    Randy - This is the same guy who first screwed Rikki. See chapter 1.
    Place - A very small rural community.
    Time - Mid- September, 1965

    The Situation - It was fall and the new school term had just started.
    These were "city" kids in a very rural area. The town was very small
    and everyone knew everyone.

    It was late August and school would begin soon. The next weekend
    after Mike had surprised Rikki and fucked her while she was sleeping
    over with Mike's sister, (see Mike 2, "All the Way With Mike) she was
    sitting in a car with her friend, Ronda, at the local drive-up dairy
    freeze. It was Saturday night and the area was crowded with local kids
    of all ages. A car pulled up along side and Rikki heard a familiar
    voice. It was Randy, the surfer from California. Rikki hadn't seen him
    since the afternoon three weeks ago when he screwed her for the first
    The windows of both cars were rolled down and Rikki heard him
    clearly when he said "Hi" to her. She tried to ignore him, but Randy
    was persistent. He got out of his car and came over and leaned into the
    window of the girls' car. He reached around and kissed Rikki on the
    cheek. She pulled away and tried to appear disinterested.
    Randy wouldn't give up. He told Rikki that he was very sorry about
    what happened. He wanted to be friends again. Rikki softened and
    turned around to face him. She told him that she was very angry with
    him, but if he would be good, they could be friends. Randy got in the
    back seat of the girls car and they talked for a while. Before long,
    Randy suggested that Rikki and Ronda ride around with him in his car.
    They agreed and all left Ronda's car for Randy's. Ronda got in the back
    and Rikki sat in the front with Randy. Randy started the car and slowly
    drove around the "cruising" route. The made two or three circuits and
    then Randy turned down one of the residential streets. Rikki asks where
    they were going and Randy explained that he heard that there was a party
    at an older divorcee's trailer. The girls knew the divorcee well, so
    they weren't concerned.
    Randy pulled the car up in front of the trailer house. There were
    only two cars already there. Randy said that he would go and check out
    the party. He left the girls in the car and went to the door. Someone answered the door and Randy spoke to them for a minute or two. He came
    back to the car and told the girls to come in. Rikki and Ronda went to
    the trailer with Randy. Randy opened the door and the girls went
    There were three couples siting around the living room. There were
    also two boys without partners. Rikki recognized all the people there
    as juniors and seniors at the highschool. Everyone there was three to
    four years older than Rikki and Ronda. Randy showed up with a can of
    beer for each of them. Ronda took hers, but Rikki didn't like beer and
    got a coke instead. They drifted around the room talking to the people
    there. Soon, Rikki got separated from Ronda. She scanned the small
    room and spotted Ronda standing between the two boys chatting. Rikki
    sat down in a chair and sipped her coke. She watched as Ronda
    disappeared down the narrow hall between the two boys. When Ronda
    didn't come back to the living room after about twenty minutes, Rikki
    went down the hall to check on her. All the bedroom doors were closed.
    She could see a dim light coming from under and around the sliding door
    to the master bedroom at the end of the hall. She quietly made her way
    to the door. The sliding doors in the trailer didn't close very well
    and there was a one-inch opening down one side of the door. Rikki
    peeked through the crack and could hardly believe what she saw.
    Ronda was lying on her back on the bed. She was completely naked.
    One of the boys was on top of her, her legs bent and pointing toward the ceiling. The senior boy's bare butt was moving up and down as he
    screwed Ronda. Ronda's eyes were open. She was holding the guy's butt
    in her hands, pulling him into her as he stroked his cock in her pussy.
    Ronda was obviously enjoying herself. She was rocking her ass up to
    meet his thrust and her legs were also rocking back and forth in rhythm
    with the guy's thrusts. The second senior boy was standing against the dresser. He was naked and his hard cock was sticking out in front of
    him. He was waiting his turn with Ronda. Rikki watched as the first
    guy came and rolled off of Ronda. The second guy immediately crawled
    onto the bed, mounted Ronda and put his cock in her. Rikki noticed that
    the first boy was putting his clothes on, so she moved back down the
    hall to the living room.
    Randy came over and asked if she wanted to go. She asked if they
    should get Ronda. Randy said that Ronda would get a ride back.
    Rikki and Randy left the trailer and got in his car. They were
    supposed to go back to the dairy freeze, but Randy turned onto a gravel
    road that led into the countryside. Rikki asked where they were going
    and Randy told her that they were just taking a drive. He drove about
    three miles out of town and turned onto a dirt field road. He drove far
    back into the field and parked in a very dark and secluded spot.
    Rikki knew that Randy was leaving soon for home in California. She thought it would be fun to neck with him. He had promised to be good
    and she believed she could handle him if he got too aggressive. She
    didn't intend to let him screw her again.
    Randy's car had bucket seats and a floor shift. He suggested that
    they get in the back seat. Rikki agreed, after all, the back seat was
    the most comfortable place to neck. As Rikki climbed into the back
    seat, Randy told her that he had to pee and would be with her in a
    minute. She waited in the dark car while he went to the rear of the car
    to pee. After a minute or two, the door opened and Randy got inside.
    He slid over close to Rikki and put her arms around her. The kissed
    once and then started necking heavily. Soon, Randy had his hands under
    her blouse and was squeezing her boobs through her bra. A little longer
    and he was trying to unhook her bra. She resisted, but he got the bra
    unhooked despite her resistance. He pushed her bra up over her boobs
    and squeezed and kneaded her tits. He began unbuttoning her blouse.
    Again, she tried to stop him, but she couldn't. He soon had her naked
    to the waist. He dropped his head down and sucked both her tits in
    turn. While her was sucking her tits, he turned her around and forced
    her down in the seat. Rikki reminded him that he promised to "be good".
    He assured her that he would and continued to kiss her and squeeze her
    After Randy tired of playing with Rikki's tits, he started working
    on her pants. She was wearing a pair of denim cut-off shorts and
    panties. Again, she tried hard to keep him from undoing her pants, but
    he overpowered her and got his hand in her pants. He worked his hand
    down, pushed her thighs apart and cupped her pussy in his hand. Soon,
    he had a finger going all the way in and out of her pussy. She was
    enjoying it and was moving her pelvis up and down to meet his finger.
    Rikki didn't know that while Randy was outside peeing, he had
    unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. After fingering her and sucking her
    tits for a while, he got impatient. He pulled his hand from her pussy,
    got up on the seat and started pulling her pants off with both hands.
    Rikki yelled "no!" at him over and over, but he pulled her shorts and
    panties off and pitched them into the front seat. As soon as she was
    naked, he pushed his pants down and off of his feet. Rikki tried to get
    up, but he pushed her back down and mounted her. He forced her legs
    apart with his knee and crawled between her thighs. She struggled and
    demanded that he stop and let her up. He ignored her protests and
    continued trying to get his cock to her pussy.
    Randy's cock soon found the opening to her pussy and he started
    pushing it inside her. She still was very tight and it took him a
    couple of minutes to push his cock all the way into her pussy. As soon
    as his cock penetrated her all the way, he began to stroke her. After
    about the second full stroke of his cock, Rikki had an orgasm. Rikki
    couldn't do anything. Randy was screwing her again. She closed her
    eyes, stopped struggling and started enjoying getting screwed. Randy
    screwed her for ten or fifteen minutes in the back of the yellow 1964
    Chevy Impala parked on a very dark field road. She had at least one
    more orgasm. Finally, he came. His cock started getting soft and soon
    he pulled it out of her pussy. As Randy started pulling on his clothes,
    Rikki got up, retrieved her pants from the front seat and dressed
    Randy drove her back to the drive-in and she got out of the car.
    Randy left for home two days later, and she never saw him again.

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