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    (ASA Story) "Five Humiliations"
    Perhaps written by Doc com509, or cj, or one & same?
    I'm just posting on-topic products done & posted by others
    in the past.

    This story contains descriptions of an adult nature and is not intented for anyone who cannot or should not be reading sexually explicit materials. The reader takes sole responsibility if he or she reads beyond this point.

    Part 1 is "hanging related" but the actual hanging will be in part 3. (Sorry for doing this in parts...I can't risk losing the work when I'm most of the
    way through typing it in).

    Our story begins...

    "The Five Humiliations"

    Mercedes lay naked on her bed, her left hand gently pinching her erect
    nipples and her right hand in the moist crease between her legs finding
    just the right spots. The room around her melts and becomes a medievel
    court room and there follows...

    The first humiliation...

    Two young women are in a cage while Mercedes, of aristocratic birth,
    watches them being sentenced to hang. The first is taken out crying and
    begging to stand before her judge. Asked if she has any comments before sentencing, she falls to her knees crying "please don't hang me...I know
    I've been bad...I'll take my correction...have me whipped but please don't
    make me hang..."

    The Judge is unmoved and delivers the distraught girl's sentence;
    "Kate Gerard, you are hereby branded a thief and are ordered into the
    custody of the public executioner for hanging by your neck until you
    are dead. I expect you to take your punishment like a lady and cooperate
    in every way with the Executioner's efforts on your behalf."

    The girl's sobs and pleas could still be heard as she was led away and the second young woman was brought before the Judge. She is defiant and
    says simply "I know you're going to stretch my neck. Just make it
    a day when lots of people can come and watch me dance." Turning to
    the crowd in the court she yells "I'll hang naked if that's what you want.
    You can see me in the altogether while I kick and pee!"

    The Judge gavels the courtroom into silence and pronounces:
    "Margaret Denys, you are hereby branded a prosititute and will be
    remanded to the public executioner for hanging by your neck until
    you are dead. Furthermore, I order the executioner to provide you
    with five lashes delivered with hard strokes to your naked backside
    on the day of your execution. Perhaps a good whipping will make
    you a little more appreciative of your correction."

    And now it is Mercede's turn before the Judge. She stands erect
    and will not dignify the court with a statement. The Judge addresses
    her sternly saying "Mercedes Van Eyck, you are guilty of treason
    and considering your station in life, should be ordered to the block
    for beheading. Nevertheless, this court remands you to the public
    executioner and does hereby order him to hang you by your neck along
    with the two women now in his custody. Every humiliation to be visited
    upon women of lower rank will be suffered by you also...including the
    public shame of being hanged high in the air for everyone to see. Furthermore,you are ordered to pay all expenses required to provide
    you with your hanging."

    The second humiliation...

    Mercedes is taken to a large cell where she will be incarcerated with the
    lower class women until they are hanged. The executioner, Rabelais,
    and a man who looks like a blacksmith are waiting for them as they
    arrive. Rabelais gets right to the point...

    "You women are here to be hanged and I will execute this order as I see fit. You will obey my every word without complaint and cooperate with your punishment. Do not entertain any hopes of kindnesses, modesty or
    reprieve. Your hangings are to be public and shameful."

    "This gentleman here," continued Rabelais indicating the large, grinning
    and hairy man beside him, "will accomodate you with shackles. You will
    now remove all of your clothes and let him fit you with leg irons."

    A complaint from the young girl earns a quick slap across her face
    from the hangman and the women, as a result, began stripping
    until they were entirely naked. Nude, the prostitute can be seen with
    red hair, large breasts and a shaved mound between her legs which
    makes her slit very visible and gives her an especially feminine look.
    The girl, Kate, has black hair and is rather small breasted but with long, erect nipples and lots of dark pubic hair between her legs. Mercedes
    has a perfect body; slender with well proportioned breasts, tufts of soft
    brown hair covering her mound that reveal her sexy notch, shapely
    legs, thin ankles and pretty bare feet.

    The blacksmith has brought in a wooden block and each girl is made
    to put a foot on it while the irons are fastened around their ankles.
    The block is three feet high, so as Mercedes lifts her foot up to it, she
    gives the blacksmith a good view between her legs. He takes
    his time getting the metal pieces hammered together while openly
    looking at her genitals. Mercedes looks down in shame as she feels
    his eyes examining her private places and the metal around her ankles
    binding her into the irons of a commom criminal.

    The blacksmith made lewd suggestions while he fettered the women.
    He told the prostitute her "tits would jiggle real nice" when she came
    to the end of her rope. He delighted in telling the crying girl about what would happen to her when she hanged. "The rope will crush your
    windpipe," he told her grinning, "and if you're lucky will break your neck.
    If not, it'll stretch your neck real long and your tongue will stick out
    and you'll kick real pretty and twist and pee while everybody
    watches you strung up there by your neck."

    When he finished, the convicts stood completely naked dressed only in
    their new leg irons while the hangman gave them each an "inspection."
    This meant submitting to him while he rubbed his large, rough hands
    over their soft bodies. On Mercedes, her took particular delight in
    fondling her breasts and rubbing her genitals with his palm. When he
    had his big hands around her throat he tilted her head a little and told
    her where the rope would break the back of her neck and gave her a
    choking squeeze. When he was finished molesting each of them, he
    gave them a hard slap on the buttocks with his bare hand leaving a
    distinctive red mark on their smarting bottoms.

    The third and fouth humiliations are in parts 2 and 3.
    This story contains materials of a highly sexual nature. Anyone reading
    this point takes responsibility for their own actions. This story is not recommended for anyone who would be offended by descriptions of
    nudity and violence.
    "The Five Humiliations," continued
    In Part 1, Mercedes Van Ecyk, an aristocratic young woman is convicted
    of treason and suffers the first humiliation...being sentenced to hang
    in public with a prostitute and a thief. In prison she suffers the second humiliation...stripping naked to be fettered in irons and molested by her executioner, Rabelais. And now, the third humiliation...

    It is the night before the women are to be hanged and they are trembling
    in their cell. The girl, Kate, is especially distraught and the prostitute tries to calm her. "Being hanged isn't so bad," she says, "Rabelais is
    very good at hangings and you won't feel anything. It's kind of sexy if
    you think about it...everybody watching you get your punishment
    and staring at your pretty body...I've even heard some women have an
    orgasm when they are hanged...gives me a nice feeling between my legs
    to be a bad girl and know I'm going to be punished in public!"

    Just then Rabelais came up to the cell in the company of several women.
    A few of them had little girls with them and others seemed to have
    been drinking and were in high spirits. "Get up," ordered the executioner, "these ladies would like a close-up look at the condemned women."

    The three prisoners resignedly stood up and, heads bowed, faced the
    visitors. Rabelais went on, "be sure your little girls get a good look so
    they know we really do hang women when they are bad."

    One of the women wanted to see their legs irons, so the prisoners
    were ordered to raise their dresses up to their knees and show their bare
    feet and shackled ankles. That gave Rabelais an idea and he added "in
    fact, let's show these visitors that you really are women. Pull your dresses
    up to your bellies and spread your legs."

    Mercedes couldn't believe the raw humiliation of having to show her naked
    sex to this collection of laughing bar girls, older women and even little girls,
    who looked at the spots between their legs in obvious awe.

    "Now turn around," he said, "and show them your naked heinies. That's it,
    turn around. Dresses up ladies."

    Mercedes now stood facing away from her audience, raising her dress and
    showing them her naked buttocks. "There you see them," said Rabelais,
    "in all their splendor. When you're little, he said addressing one of the little girls, if you are bad, you just get your little bottom whipped. But
    girls get their bottoms hanged!"

    With that, one of the bar girls laughing offered to spank the convicts just
    fun and Rabelais thought that was a fine idea. Unlocking the cell, he let
    the girl in and told the the three condemned women to keep their bottoms
    bared. She started with Mercedes who could feel the girl rubbing her
    buttocks. Mercedes closed her eyes as the feminine little hand started
    spanking her, giving her sharp slaps to the laughter and amusement of the
    other women. In turn, the girl spanked the other two women as well, with
    the prostitute, Margaret, sticking her bottom out and inviting the girl's
    best shots. At this point, Rabelais told the women to take off their
    dresses altogether and just let the "guests" see them naked. They stood
    nude, facing away from the laughing women and girls, and showed them
    thier spanked bottoms. Then they were made to turn around and show
    their breasts, bellies and the naked spots between their legs and hear
    the cat calls and comments about how they would look when they
    were hanging at the ends of their ropes.

    The morning of the hanging brought the fourth humiliation...

    The women could hear the crowds...thousands of people there to watch
    them hang. Rabelais came into the cell and ordered them to strip and
    have their leg irons removed. This was done by the same leering black-
    smith who hammered off the irons leaving the women naked. Next,
    the prostitute was asked if she would prefer to take her whipping in the privacy of the prison or at the gallows in public. She was reminded that
    the Judge had specified a bare bottom flogging for her, but, nevertheless,
    she chose to do her penance in front of everyone up high on the gallows.

    The women were ordered to pee into a bucket before going to the cart
    that would haul them to the gallows. Mercedes spread her legs over the
    bucket but was embarresed by having the executioner watch her and
    couldn't pee for him. The dark haired girl, scared to death, peed easily
    and even evacuated her bowels. The prostitute made a show of peeing for Rabelais, watching his obvious enjoyment as her her hairless crack
    sent a steady stream into the bucket.

    The fourth humiliation, however, was the cart ride to gallows hill. The
    women were given only loose white shrouds to wear, with no under-
    garments,had their hands bound behind them and remained barefooted.
    They were each fitted with a noose around thier necks to mark them as
    common criminals on the way to thier hangings. In the cart, Mercedes
    remained calm and stood erect, while the young thief collapsed in dispair
    and cried and sobbed all the way to her hanging. The prostitute also sat,
    was dry eyed and defiant.

    We'll continue in part 3...
    This story contains descriptions of an adult nature and is not intended for anyone who cannot or should not be reading sexually explicit materials. The reader
    takes sole responsibility if he or she reads beyond this point.
    "The Five Humiliations," concluded
    In parts 1 and 2, Mercedes Van Eyck, an aristocrat, has been sentenced to
    hang and experience all of the humiliation of being a lower class female convict. The first four humiliations were: the sentencing, being placed in
    leg irons and molested by the executioner Rabelais, forced to strip in
    front of women visiting the prison and being hauled to the gallows with
    a rope around her neck so the crowds can see her. In part 3, we find
    Mercedes in the death cart with two other condemned women, a thief and
    a prostitute, being drawn to gallows hill...

    Before Mercedes was taken to the death cart she was required to pay for
    her execution. Rabelais had fixed a sum higher than he knew she could
    pay, so she gave him what she had and was required to make up the
    difference. "You'll pay me," he said unbottoning his fly, "in the way
    countless other women I've hanged have paid me." And with that he
    forced her to her knees where she took is erection into her mouth and
    sucked him off. She had thought Rabelais was a handsome man and
    didn't object to the taste of his hard penis or the cum he filled up her
    mouth with. After he had ejaculated into her, she had willing
    swallowed his seed and had even licked the end of his cock as more
    of it oozed out.

    But now she was in the cart and could see the three nooses silouetted
    against the sky. The crowds were yelling at them but she stood tall,
    knowing her nipples showed clearly through the thin white shroud she
    was wearing. Her hands were bound behind her and she wore a noose
    around her neck to mark her as a condemned woman on her way to
    be hanged. The dark haired girl, Kate, was unable to stand and sobbed
    and cried all the way to her execution. The prostitute, Margaret, stood
    next to Mercedes enjoying the attention and occasionally shouting to
    someone in crowd. From time to time she would yank up her
    shroud and show her naked legs to the crowd who yelled for more.

    Arriving at the gallows, the women were roughly hauled up the wooden
    steps to the waiting nooses. Mercedes felt the rough wood of the gallows
    floor beneath her bare feet as she was firmly guided to her rope. The ceremonial nooses around their necks were removed and the three women
    were seated on a wooden block which had been provided for each of them.

    The condemned women sat on the blocks, the ropes dangling just above
    thier heads and stared at their toes as they felt the eyes of the crowds
    and heard the various speakers describe them as bad women who deserved
    to hang and encouraged people to learn from the convicted women
    who would soon be dangling by their necks before them like animals strung
    in shame. The prostitute continued to exchange obscenities with the crowd
    while Mercedes wiggled her toes and acted unconcerned. The dark haired
    girl, Kate, could only sob continuously "please don't hang me...please don't...I don't want to hang..."

    Next the women received their gallows haircuts. Rabelais, to the great
    delight of the crowd, stood behind each woman and hacked away at their
    hair which fell around them and left them with short, badly cut hair and
    no pride whatsoever. The haircut was the final touch to the fourth humiliation...being prepared to be hanged. Now came the final humiliation...

    The death sentences were read aloud which included the prostitute's
    whipping, to be delivered just prior to her hanging. Summarily, she
    was stood up, turned around by strong male guards, bend over her
    block and held firmly in place. In this position, the executioner Rabelais raised up her dress and exposed Margaret's bare buttocks and legs to
    the screaming crowd. It gave Margaret pleasure to be humiliated
    and exposed this way and she spread her legs to be sure the crack of her
    shaved genitals was visible to everyone. Rabelais used a cane to flog
    her and did a superb job, lining her soft white buttocks with even rows
    of hot red weals that burned like fire with every stroke. He gave her long pauses between each stroke so she would feel the full effects of the
    whipping. By the fifth and final stroke, Margaret was wailing in agony and ready to accept her hanging with humility.

    The women were then told to stand and were helped up on to the blocks
    where they found their necks were level with deadly nooses. Rabelais
    would step up on each block to prepare the women for hanging.

    First Rabelais went to Kate and offered to cover her face while
    she hanged. The crying girl gratefully accepted it and even thanked her executioner as he slipped the hangwoman's sack over her head. Her knees
    were shaking so badly he allowed her kneel down, even though he knew
    it would greatly increase the chance that her neck would not break and
    she would strangle and choke at the end of her rope. Then he gently slipped
    the rope over her little neck and tightened it to give her just a little
    choke as she waited for her block to be pulled away leaving her hanging.

    By now the crowd was remembering the prostitute's words at her
    sentencing and were crying "strip them, strip them."

    The prostitute, still grimacing from her beating, asked the hangman for permission to remove her clothes and Rabelais quickly granted the
    request. Unbinding her hands, he pulled off her shroud and revealed the
    young woman's naked body to the screaming crowd. Her large breasts
    and the shaved womanhood between her legs gave her a very sexy look
    as she stood on her block having her hands tied behind her and getting
    the rope put around her neck.

    Mercedes also asked to be hanged naked and the request was likewise
    granted. She felt with pleasure a gentle breeze playing over her naked
    body and she knew the eyes of thousands of people were looking at her
    in the nude. As her hands were being bound tightly behind her, she stood
    with her legs spread on the block and felt an erotic glow spread from
    her loins all the way through her body, poking out her nipples and
    shortening her breath. Like the prostitute, she refused the sack and
    closed her eyes in pleasure as Rabelais put her rope around her neck
    and carefully tightened it into place.

    Now the three women, two of them completely naked, were ready to be
    publically punished by hanging. They were three criminals about to dangle
    by their necks to the delight and pleasure of the crowds.

    First, Rabelais pulled the block away from Kate who was still sobbing
    beneath the sack that covered her pretty face. She fell off of the block and her bare feet kicked out, about three feet above the gallows floor.
    As the executioner predicted, she choked and squirmed and kicked her
    feet, spreading her toes and making gagging noises as she strangled.
    After a minute of watching her hang and kick, Rabelais reached down and
    grabbed her ankles, giving her a sharp tug, after which she was still,
    her body swaying gently from the gallows.

    The prostitute was next. Her bare feet seemed to grip the block as it was pulled away and suddenly she was swinging wide eyed and naked in
    front everyone. At first she "ran" in the air with her white legs bicycling
    but then she spread her legs and seemed to be showing her private
    parts to everyone while she hanged. Her breasts jiggled and she
    struggled but after a few seconds, her legs came together and her tongue protruded a little and she, too, was still and swayed naked in front of the screaming crowds. A little pee dribble down her legs, dropping onto
    the gallows floor.

    Now Mercedes could feel the block being drawn out from under her.
    Suddenly her feet were in the air...she was hanging in front of everyone.
    They could all see her privatemost parts and she twisted and then
    she could feel herself peeing and delighted screams of the crowd filled
    her ears. She spread her legs as wide as she could and felt the
    breezes and the eyes and most incrediblly erotic humiliation possible.
    The uncontrollable orgasm swept through her body and squirted and
    squirted as the five humiliations came together in a crescendo of
    orgasmic relief.

    Then she was back in her room, naked and relaxed. She fell asleep
    smiling, her fingers still comfortably lodged between her legs.

    The end.

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