• Asfixia and hanging etc

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    I'm not a great lover of this, I have to say, as no matter how often you
    tell people that a story is fantasy, there is always going to be one idiot
    who will try it. I thus would not write one, but each to their own.
    As an experience I can vouch for the fact that oxygen starvation can invoke
    a weird sense of euphoria.
    It happened on top of a very high volcano called mt Teide, and I felt
    really really good, but try to do simple stuff like climb a gentle gradient
    to the crater and your muscles ache and you feel light headed. The obvious thing is that in those days I still had some sight and looking straight up
    you saw the stars in a very deep blue sky, like a portal to the stars . Aircraft could be seen along with clouds below you.
    I can well see how this sense can be increased and as you are making poor choices and as you actually try to use more energy, the peripheral vision
    also starts to go.

    I guess its altitude sickness but since you initially feel good its very
    hard to realise you need to be careful.
    I was there with my Mother and she spent the whole time in the coffee bar
    as she felt so ill.
    I do not know the altitude of the mountain, but its supposed to be the highest point on Spanish territory, and of corse is in the Canary Islands
    (Isle of Dogs not canaries actually)

    The people who work up there seem unaffected, and I suspect its a thing
    you get used to, ie, breathing deeper to get more oxygen.

    So the dangers of hanging I'd have thought are two fold, the lack of
    oxygen, and the possibility to cause blood clots or bleeds and damage blood vessels.

    I think a lot of people are turned on by daring exploits, but some are best avoided if you want to continue living.


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