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    Discussions of erotic hanging
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    from various sites, including talkgroups and the old PNN files. Note that
    since these stop after a few seconds to a minute, they are not so
    authoritative as to longer hanging as were the suicide attempts.

    (female poster)

    From the very first time I heard about it I was interested in hanging.
    people associate it with the old west and cowboys and think it can only be
    done to guys but from the first I ever heard about it I knew that wasn't
    true, that it was just made to be done to girls too. And I wanted it
    done to
    me. Since then I've tried it a few times in varying degrees and each
    time it
    was loverly, just hanging there naked, suffering, really suffering as the
    rope chokes the life out of you and grey fades to black.

    The first time I tried it was when I was smaller and lighter, which
    makes it
    easier and helps you to last longer. I remember hearing about hanging in
    school and talking about it with some boys I knew. They talked about the
    sexual aspects and people being hung naked. That part turned me on. Being publicly stripped on the gallows and hung in the nude. I wanted it so badly
    I came just thinking about it. It is difficult to describe why I like this
    sort of game. Being stripped naked and tied up and then hung by the neck. Nothing quite equals the thrill as every inch of you burns. You struggle helplessly against the ropes that hold your wrists tight. Your body twists
    and turns wantonly as you try desperately to escape.

    The best kind of tie up game is one just like this, the one you know you
    cannot escape. The one done with no safeword, no chance for mercy, no hope
    of reprieve. Being stripped naked in the woods and bound hand and foot and
    the noose put around my neck. And all the while I pleaded for mercy that I
    knew would never come. That was the day that made me. There was no embarrassment in it for me. In fact my whole body purred. Being naked had plugged my body into a socket and I was humming on high. I didn't know
    why I
    liked it but I knew I did.

    The first time I was hung was a part of a kidnap game and as usual, being
    the only girl, I was the kidnappee. I was taken into the woods and told to strip to my underpants. That was no big deal for a European girl used to
    baring her chest on the beach. My wrists and ankles were bound. We didn't
    have a gallows, of course. They threw a rope over a tree limb and just tied
    the end around my throat. No noose or anything, just a loop of clothesline around my throat. I stood on a pile of three concrete blocks. Then they
    bound my ankles together. I knew they were going to hang me naked
    because we
    had talked about it so it was no surprise when they dropped my
    underpants to
    my ankles. I loved it. Loved the way they stared at me hungrily. I had
    been completely naked before more than one guy at a time and here I was
    naked in front of a whole group. I practically came just standing there

    They just left me up there in the hot sun. Naked. For maybe an hour. Just standing there on top of those blocks. I struggled to untie myself but I couldn't struggle too much or else I might fall off and hang myself. It
    seemed like I was up there forever and I slowly got more and more scared. Finally I broke down and I cried and begged but they wouldn't let me go.
    Then finally they figured I had suffered that way enough and they knocked
    the blocks out from under me and I was hung.

    Every inch of me screamed with pain. It was incredible as the full
    weight of
    my body was transferred to my neck and the rope tightened around it. It
    as if my head were being torn from my neck. I tried to fight but fear
    to seize me and I sort of just froze right there in mid air. My body just released and I was stretched out full length in mid-air. I felt the pain as
    my body weight took hold, the rope squeezed my throat shut and slowly the weight of my own body began to squeeze the life out of me. Then I woke up suddenly and started to struggle helplessly, desperately, futilely to get
    loose and to get some air.

    I begged for help but it did not good, they just left me there. I tried desperately to free my hands as I dangled there. If only I could get my
    wrists loose. But I couldn't. They had tied my wrists together and then
    my bound wrists to a rope around my tummy. Slowly my body began to weaken. Slowly every muscle began to burn with the pain. And slowly the pain turned
    to numbness, my fear turned into fog, and as I weakened more and more I
    slowly drifted toward blackness. Because I was so light it took a couple of minutes before I finally passed out. In the last half a minute I suffered terribly, every inch of my slight brown body in pain. Slowly, slowly I was being choked to death. Every second seemed like an eternity. I begged for
    help with my last breath. Then everything went black

    When I was in my early twenties I did have a relationship with a guy who
    knew I was fascinated by hanging and one evening we tried it.

    His bedroom luckily was one of those with an overhead beam. Before we made
    love he had prepared with my help a very thick three coiled hangman's noose from rough hemp. He swung it over the beam and was able to hold the other
    end of the rope while on his back on his bed. I had slipped on a very thick black woolen turtleneck sweater (you know I knit those), that was all. He
    tied my hands loosely behind my back with a simple two slip knot looped
    strand of rope. I have to admit that by that point I was sopping wet.

    He then noosed me making sure the knot was under my left ear and able to
    slide forwards. And then I mounted him. He was very, very, ready.

    Without any further neck pressure it was incredible, but then he tugged on
    the loose end of the rope. I gagged and choked and he swears I started to violently rock on him like never before. He stayed inside me and my body
    not lifted off him. I do know I came with an explosion I have never had
    before or since. I did not feel him come, I was just into my own sensations which were indescribable. He told me he did come but was just amazed by the violence of mine and how I spasmically clutched him inside me. The pain
    drove me wild, I felt my head being pulled away, but what went on inside me drove me wilder. He told me I lasted about 2 minutes without stopping my jerking and spasms, until he let the rope become slack. I was so dazed I
    not feel him loosening the noose at first. Afterwards it hurt, badly.
    Headache and rope burn in spite of the sweater padding. I had to wear a turtleneck for 2 weeks. It was so wonderful, but never again. I totally

    The first time I ever strangled another woman, I had just graduated from
    high school. She was older than me (34) and very beautiful. She called me
    her baby girl. When we were first making love, I would pay much
    attention to
    her long neck especially her soft throat. Her larynx was small and feminine
    but noticable. I played with it, stroking it with my fingers and kissing it...this kind of play always turned her on.

    We began to gently strangle each other after a while...nothing really heavy though...more like caresses really. One day she handed me a new silk scarf
    that she had just purchased and asked me to strangle her with it. That got
    me wet immediately and we went to the bedroom so we could watch this
    delicate operation in her triple panelled mirror she used for dressing.

    I passed it around her graceful neck, my heart beating fast and my hands shaking a bit and gently began began to pull the scarf from both ends. She wanted it tighter so I pulled it tighter...my eyes glued to her neck,
    watching the scarf press up against her larynx. God, was this ever hot!! We
    did this for a while until she had an explosive orgasm. During it, her legs gave out so I immediately removed the scarf and tried to hold on to her but
    she slipped from my grasp. On the floor she squirmed around, still coming.
    My own clit was enveloped in flames of hot cum...what an experience! We
    back to our safer way of strangling but that one is burned in my memory.

    (female poster):

    Well first of all NEVER do it alone. If you pass out while hanging you DIE.
    You must have someone there to let you down just in case you go too far.
    Brain damage begins roughly around 4 minutes plus. It varies how long a
    person can hang some just a matter of a few seconds other upwards of two minutes. I have hanged for real and it is the greatest thing ever.

    First I felt an incredible pounding in my head and chest. then my head
    to tingle and mys vission tunnel. The I got the greatst rush ever. I
    like to
    go til I pass out then have a partner let me down. More then what I said
    above can not be put into words.

    Now is dispel some myths.

    1. Some stories here in have the rope tightening slowly while the person
    hangs. When a person is hanged the rope tightens in less then a second or
    two. No breath is possible and no speech is either.

    2. A person cannot go the length of time like some of the stories here. I
    read where one woman hanged in a story was still kicking after 20 minutes. Medically not possible she would be brain dead long before this. A person
    can hang no longer without passing out than they could hold thier breath without passing out.

    3. a person does not urinate or defficate upon passing out at ropes end
    unless they try. They may do it out of fear. The urination and deffication comes when the mucsles relax at death. In hanging this does not happen all
    the time right away at least.

    4. People do not always cum when hanging. This is a result of sexual
    on the part of the person being hanged.

    Chat session reproduced on old PNN regarding autoerotic hanging of females [Airdancer is an exotic dancer; sequences rearranged so the chat makes
    better sense.]

    Marcia : He pulls me up far enough that my feet leave the ground. Have any
    of you tried that before?

    airdancer : are your hands tied behind your back?

    Marcia : Sometimes my hands are tied. If they are, I only last for 10 or 15 seconds.

    hang : Marcia: for how long can you hang?

    Marcia : Well, until I've had enough, when I get close to passing out.

    airdancer : I hang about once a week or so, even in my stage act

    airdancer : as I said my bf "punishes" me for being bad, and I am always

    Marcia : I recall that you've said in the past that you sometimes have hung
    for a long time. Do you use a special technique?

    airdancer : If you use a thick rope and put the knot in front you can last
    much longer. the thicker the rope the more it spreads out the pain and pressure, and you choke slower.

    Marcia : So that your head is back?

    airdancer : yes the head is back

    Mandy : What about marks on the skin ?

    airdancer : I use a soft nylon marine rope to reduce marks

    Marcia : The softer, the better!

    airdancer : oh hell yes, a soft cloth is best, like smooth cotton

    airdancer : OK now guys I take to the air and WOW it hits you hard at
    My bf pulls out the stool when I least expect it after getting me on my
    tippy toes, Your jaw kind of clinches up and the pain and pressure on your
    neck are real hard. I lasted for over a minute the other day.

    Marcia : A minute?

    hardrock : OK, so, AD. you hit the air, the noose hits you and then what??

    airdancer : like I said your jaw clenches and you feel this incredible
    pressure on your neck and your feet kick like hell to find the ground

    hardrock : do you feel panic when the air shut off?

    airdancer : panic and fear set in, even as many times as I done this

    Marcia : And the kicking stresses your neck too.

    airdancer : you just want to find solid ground

    Marcia : Panic? Oh yes, panic!

    airdancer : the pain in the neck grows as you kick and you feel pain when
    your body is deprived of oxygen, your arms and legs begin to ache, your

    hardrock : how long does that take?

    airdancer : and your ears ring

    Marcia : Not very long, in my case.

    airdancer : at about 20 sec the pain in your limbs is real intense and you start to feel very tired. all you want to do is fight the rope and find
    solid ground but you slowly start to dim out

    Marcia : Only for a little while, does muscle clenching help.

    airdancer : you reach a point where you cannot get air at all then you
    really ache all over

    airdancer : I always fill my bladder before hanging so I lose control and
    piss while in the air

    hardrock : damn! how do you cum with all that going on??

    Marcia : Who has time to cum?

    airdancer : you don't really cum until afterwards

    hardrock : well, I've seen pics............

    Marcia : ?

    airdancer : the last thing I usually feel is the piss running down my legs
    and then it's blackout time. My bf cuts me down real quick to revive me

    airdancer : usually takes about 15 minutes to fully revive and fell

    hardrock : do you have a headache afterwards?

    airdancer : yes headache and neckache

    Marcia : I think you hang much longer than I do.

    airdancer : the longer you do this the better you get at it

    hardrock : that takes TRUST!!

    fitz : AD how long do you hang?

    airdancer : sometime for over a minute, but usually less. when I
    blackout it
    is at the minute mark

    hardrock : well, I still like to try it with somebody that I trusted to
    what they are doing

    fitz : I did a minute or so a few days ago, but not to blackout

    airdancer : but if you ever blacked out you have that wonderful peaceful feeling when you wake up

    From a posting to alt.sex.stories, by a "swinging" couple (in a different sense of the word!):

    I'm different from most of the women I've met in the hanging scene. The
    majority of these are either submissives or masochists who were introduced
    to erotic hanging after they had been in their scene for some time, by a
    lover or master. For the longest time I was the only one I could find who actually had been turned on by hanging before being introduced to the SM/BD scene.

    I had a fairly normal if slightly repressive childhood. I was blissfully unaware of the entire aspect of sex until it became the one only thing to
    talk about in school. Most of it misinformation. I tried masturbation
    seriously when I turned 13 but either I couldn't reach orgasm or the end
    result seemed somehow weak compared to what the rumor mill had said it
    be. ...

    At thirteen ... My defining moment came when I was a spy scoping out the enemy's (the boys') headquarters in the poolhouse. [She is caught sneaking
    in to steal their plans for a waterballoon attack. To keep her from
    they tie her, stand her on a stool, and put a venetian blind cord around

    Before I knew it he had fitted the loop over my head and cinched it around
    my throat.

    "There", he said in triumph. "She can't go anywhere. If she steps off the
    stool she'll hang herself. We can leave her alone now."

    Jean and Marsha both looked dubious and I tried to sway them with my pleas
    and promises to not run away, but the three boys convinced them I would be
    all right so off they went.

    I yelled and called after them but to no avail. Finally I just took
    stock of
    my situation. My wrists were snugly tied behind me. The stool was sturdy.
    The loop of cord had a little play in it but not much. I was in no
    danger if
    I just stood there. My only hope was that one of my team would find me and release me before they came back.

    As if in answer to my prayer, I heard the door push open. It was only
    Winter, my cousin's huge friendly white Samoyed. He was obviously looking
    for me since we were good friends and he heard me yelling. I called to him
    and he came over smiling at me.

    Then disaster struck. As was his way, Winter jumped up for a
    cuddle...bouncing into me unprepared and knocking the stool and me over!

    I dropped a few inches before the loop of cord jerked tight around my neck sending a shock through my whole body. I found myself hanging by my neck a
    good foot off the ground. The cord was thin and bit in deeply cutting
    off my
    breath. Terrified I tried desperately to get my wrists free but with no results. I began to kick trying to get back on the stool, only
    succeeding in
    kicking it much farther from me and sending both my shoes flying off. The
    lack of oxygen quickly made me light headed and my vision started turning
    red. I realized later that I succumbed so quickly because the thinness of
    the cord had allowed it to bite down deeper and quicker and close off my breathing and circulation.

    To my amazement I felt a surge beginning in my groin as my lungs seemed to burst in agony. My last experience was a thundering orgasm and then... blackness.

    I awoke in the emergency room with a very sore throat, splitting headache, bloody wrists and a nasty rope burn on my neck. Apparently it was Winter
    saved me. His barking and howling brought one of the neighbors who found me bound and hanging and cut me down. The doctor estimated that I couldn't
    been hanging more than a few minutes since I hadn't lost bowel and bladder control.

    My cousins were all in terrible trouble but I stayed overnight in the
    hospital. Late that night I thought again of the sensation of being bound
    and helpless hanging there and the remarkable orgasm that I knew I would
    have to experience again. I was hooked!

    I experimented with soft materials such as scarves and nylon stockings but
    all of them would leave a mark and I was terrified of actually hanging
    again. I tried choking myself but that just didn't work. There was
    about hanging the re bound and helpless, slowly strangling at the end of a
    rope that was inexplicable.

    I found a pair of play cufflinks in a toy store and hatched a plan. They
    would give just enough sensation of being bound but still allow me to get loose. I decided to try a "safe" hanging.

    I waited for my Mom to go shopping while Dad was at work. I took off my
    clothes and put on my pleated skirt and best rayon blouse. I didn't bother
    with underwear. Just the feeling of not wearing panties under my skirt made
    me tingle. I got a pair of my mothers good seamed nylons in a dark brown directly out of the box and put them on. They were a little large and
    wouldn't stay up, but they felt wonderful on my legs and the feel of the
    nylon rubbing back and forth made me feel sexy. Since all my mother wore
    were panty girdles which looked yucky, I used a couple of rubber bands as garters.

    Next I got a hand towel from the bathroom and my mother's longest silk

    I took all these down to the basement where we had a bunch of exposed pipes

    on the ceiling. I got a milk cartoon and turned it upside down below the thickest pipe. I carefully wrapped the towel around my neck holding it in
    place by tying the scarf around my neck behind my right ear. I pulled the
    scarf over the pipe until it felt snug around my neck and tied it off. Next
    I took the handcuffs and snapped them on one wrist. They had a plastic key
    but there was also a button you could push to release them. I snapped them
    on the other wrist behind me.

    Now I stood there and began to feel the excitement grow. I was bound and
    noosed and about to be hanged. I felt the glow in my groin and became ever
    more excited.

    I moved to the end of the box and experimentally tried to reach the
    floor. I
    got less than halfway before the scarf tightened to the point that it
    my head over on the side. The feeling of it cutting off my circulation and breath was enough to start the wonderful glow coursing through me body. I experimented a half dozen times more feeling more and more sexy closer and closer to orgasm.

    I knew I wanted to step off the box, have my orgasm and step back on but I
    had to be careful not to kick the box away.

    With infinite care I stepped off with my right foot...then my left. I was hanging! All the sensations I longed for were there. The helplessness of
    being bound. The feeling of the noose cutting off my air and the
    pounding of
    my pulse in my ears as my circulation was impaired. But more than that, the building orgasm threatening to tear me apart. I waited and waited, willing myself not to kick and push the box away, waiting for the orgasm to crest. Finally, unfulfilled I stepped back up. My head was pounding and my breath hoarse. I felt like my head was a giant balloon, but I had come so close.

    I stood there a few more minutes until I felt close to normal and tried it again. This time I stayed on the noose longer and almost came, but the
    graying of my vision and my aching lungs forced me to step back up.

    Again I waited and fretted. Even with the towel I was sure I would end up
    with rope burns again. But I was so close I had to try one more time. I
    a deep breath and stepped off for the third time.

    This time it felt like I was almost floating, weightless. I could still
    the discomfort from the noose, my lungs aching for air, the pounding in my ears, but as I hanged there I knew it would happen. And this time it did! I
    was filled with an overwhelming, crashing , thunderous orgasm, which ebbed delightfully into darkness.

    I awoke on the floor. I had passed out and hanged there until the scarf had frayed and finally parted, sending me crashing into a pile of cardboard
    boxes filled with old linens. These had luckfully cushioned my fall. My
    was aching and my throat was sore, but my entire body was tingling. I
    released my wrists from the handcuffs and found that I had cum so hard that
    the front of my skirt was soaked. It was so wet I thought at first that I
    had peed yself.

    As my daze wore off I realized just how fortunate I was. If the scarf had
    not parted I would have strangled to death. I could just imagine my mother finding my hanging body wearing her good nylons, handcuffed and dangling by
    her scarf from that pipe.

    Responses to the above posting:

    I have to say something here and partly from a bit of excitement. In the
    first report (or the first part of the report) I have experienced and completely agree with the girl. I had seen a movie called the Linguini
    Incident and got the idea of play hanging from the foot of my bed. I
    it would be a heck of a neat trick to be able to do. Especially for
    Halloween parties or something. I guess I just somehow knew to use a large
    rope because I figured that a thin one would be more painful, although I
    admit I've never tried a thin one. Anyway, I put the noose around my neck
    and tightened it. Then I tied it to the hook. Looking back, I see that by
    doing it this way I didn't allow for any extra rope. I remember I then
    started to step off the bed one foot at a time. Now one foot on the bed and
    one foot off was no problem. So after allowing one foot to dangle for
    awhile, I finally let the other slide off too. The first was one brief
    then back up on the bed. I kept doing this over a few times until some of
    the fear was gone. Then I decided to see how long I could actually hang.
    girl in the report is exactly right when she said the knot tightens
    I do remember that quite well because I kept wanting to loosen it again
    time I was standing on the bed, but it never did any good. It kept
    tightening real quick like. So I took a deep breath and gently stepped off
    the bed again. I knew I was swinging because I could see my shadow on my
    white closet doors across from me. The knot had tightened almost under my
    right chin but not all the way because I could still see in front of me. I
    had started with putting the knot behind my head but it instantly tightened almost to the right side. I remember stretching my feet to see if I could
    touch the floor but I couldn't If someone were to take my precious bed
    I'm like hung real good and I wouldn't be telling you this now. I wasn't keeping time but I'm sure I hung for at least eight to ten seconds.

    Now physically, I experienced everything the girl reported above but let me
    say that the first and worst pain is in the neck. It felt like it was on
    fire. Even though I used a thick rope. It's like unbearable and darn it, if
    it wasn't for that, I could have hung there longer without passing out. I
    don't recall pounding in the chest but I did have it in the head. I
    my ears closing off and my vision fading but I was fully conscious. Now I
    can also add that my lips felt like they were going to fall off my face and
    I had what felt like thousands of needles jabbing me in my cheeks and in
    top of my head. So I can say that it was really awful but I so much
    getting another glance at my shadow and it looked really neat. It's
    the thing I remember best. You guys would have liked it too. My head was
    bent over to my left shoulder and stuff. I guess I should mention that my
    hands were not tied but I never tried to reach up to the rope around my
    neck. I don't know what my arms and legs were doing. When I couldn't
    take it
    anymore I just stepped back up on the bed. The damn knot also got a number
    of strands of my hair too as I loosened it. That hurt as well. So the difference about all this with me is that I did not do this for sexual
    purposes or pleasures. That never even crossed my mind at the time and I
    didn't even think in those terms. I am now but gee, looking back, if I'd
    have stayed hung and for some reason couldn't have gotten down (like if you fellas sneeked into my room and stole my bed!!), what a waste that would've been, huh? Left all alone just hanging there like that without any reason.
    Not even for suicide. Eeeek!

    We've done it by having the victim step off a chair with a rope which
    already has your neck stretched so you do not fall, at least not more than
    the one or two inches it takes to tighten the rope. Also using a stiff rope helps. First we tried a soft noose thinking this would hurt less but soft things tighten too much. Just like was said, first I felt a terrible
    pounding in my head and my bosom then my brain kind of tingles and I was
    really scared when I found I was helpless. I had my hands tied behind me
    when I found I couldn't breathe it was terrifying but it is really the
    greatest rush imaginable.
    The erect nipples come before the hanging ever starts. Just thinking about
    it will cause nipple erection, if you're not too scared, I guess. If not
    that then taking off your clothes, or better yet having them taken off and having your hands tied. Its not the hanging that does it its the sexual anticipation.

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    Necktie10-Aug-2011 10:28
    Sexual anticipation of being hanged! YES! The actual hanging/partial
    is a turn on also!

    Limone8-Oct-2011 09:27
    It is an extremaly interesting and informative blog. I share the same
    interest, submitted a couple of stories focused on judicial execution, and practised AEA as well.
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