• Is it June 2015 already?

    From David Solimano@21:1/5 to All on Thu Aug 6 23:03:04 2015
    On Thu, 06 Aug 2015 10:09:51 -0400, Tom Allen <taomlin@gmail.com>

    Unfortunately, even Google has some issues with certain topics. This
    past year, adult and sex bloggers were frantic because it appeared that >Google was going to start deleting adult content from blogs - mainly >pictures, etc.

    Reddit has banned several groups that seemed to be dedicated to child
    porn or underage teen girls. The more recent bannings have been >controversial, but their reasoning is that the members of those other
    groups were harassing people outside of those groups.

    But if you're already used to linking pics and content elsewhere, then
    Google Groups might be the best overall option.

    That's why I like Usenet, you can harass whomever you want, trade
    illegal things anonymously, and no one cares. I might add, I live in
    New York, where it's your God-given right to be miserable and treat
    people like dirt, so perhaps I'm a bit skewed :-).

    Either way, thanks for your input, the next trick will be to get them
    on a more sustainable platform.
    David Solimano

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