• The key information to sustainable fat loss (calorie defict) while stil

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    Today after one of my fit45 classes I discussed with the group some information about calories. We looked into a deficit (weight loss) and surplus (weight gain) from a women’s perspective.
    In the first section we talked about a female with a 2000kcal maintenance. We looked into the calorie process with both a deficit and surplus objective.
    In section 2 we looked at a deficit daily food plan. In this area we have a food plan of 1 pizza (1800kcal), which is still within our daily calories limit. In the second food plan you can see it is ‘healthier’ foods (2000kcal). It however is not
    within our 1800kcal deficit limit. The result concluding from this, is that a dominos pizza would keep us in a weight loss process. It shows us that in reality, we do not have to ‘diet’ by eating only ‘healthy’ food. Just as long as we are within
    our calorie limit, we will be in a weight loss phase. Section 3 we talked about average protein intake in a female. This number will vary in each individual based on their weight, and on average will be in-between the 80g-140g region.
    Section 4 we talked about how we should focus on getting stronger in the gym and not focus on exercising purely to burn calories. The calorie phase should be focused on out with the gym.
    Conclusions: Meet your protein goal. Eat whatever you want (as long as it’s within your calorie goal). It really is as simple as that.

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