• Oregon governor announces statewide outdoor mask mandate regardless of

    From Johnny@21:1/5 to All on Wed Aug 25 08:33:44 2021
    By Andrew Mark Miller
    Published 14 hours ago

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Tuesday that she is imposing a
    statewide outdoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status.

    "The Delta variant is spreading fast and wide, throwing our state into
    a level of crisis we have not yet seen in the pandemic," the Democratic governor said in a statement.


    According to the governor, this outbreak is worse than the original. I
    find that hard to believe since over half the population has been
    vaccinated, and the other half has probably been exposed to the virus.

    State wide lockdown coming next.

    By the way, experts say another variant is coming after the Delta

    In my opinion, the human body is better at creating immunity to this
    virus and all the variants than the doctors and chemists, and does it a
    hundred times faster.

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